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What Other Visitors Have Asked

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¿Como se acompañaria una clase de danza contemporanea en el piano o teclado? 
Hola soy Tomas Francischelli, de Argentina estudiante de piano en el conservatorio Manuel de Falla. Estoy interesado en cómo se acompañaría una clase de …


Music for dance offered 
Hello, I'm an Italian electroacoustic composer and musician, currently based in Stockholm. I would like to start collaborating with dancers in order …

How do you dance a question and answer? 
What is question and answer? First reply: Dear Keira, When dancing in couples or in groups, there's the possibility of alternating the time …

About studying dance abroad, mainly for choreography 
1. There are few ways of dance career such as choreographer, professional dancer etc. If I decided to study choreography course as my major, is the proportion …

Adding 'Breath' to movement  
My teacher told me that I have really good flexibility and that my dancing is good but I should work on adding more breath to my movement and that will …

Dance classes and workshops in Chile or Argentina ? 
Hi! I'm a professional contemporary dancer based in Canada. I plan on travelling through South America from January to March 2019 and am looking for …

Dance scholarship to study in Belgium 
Please, can someone tell me why Dancers can come to England and get grants scholarships etc but my daughter auditioned for a place in a top contemporary …

How can I clean my contemporary/modern shoes without ruining them? 
I don't know what it is about my Neoprene Half Soles, but they get dirty (and smelly) after just a couple classes! I have had my jazz shoes for years …

Why is it so hard to find a partner for dancing? 
For years I have been looking for a partner for dancing and have been having quite a bit of trouble finding one I don't care about gender when it comes …

Contemporary dance friends? 
Hello, I'd like to find friends in contemporary dance, to share experiences and learn more. Who is into?)

Which style of dance is closer to contemporary? Ballet or Jazz? 
Hi! I live in a small city and there is barely any contemporary classes for me to take. Most studios only teach ballet and jazz, and I have been taking …

Looking for recording of Jerome Robbins' "The Cage" 
Hi, I'm trying to find a video recording of "The Cage." I can't find one online to view or to buy. I contacted the Jerome Robbins Foundation, but they …

Hi, Is there any body creating teleholograhic reality dance performance? I created "Body in Between" a teleholographic reality dance for my Doctoral degree …

Creating a basic contemporary dance class 
Hi! May I ask if you can give some tips or ideas on how to build a basic class for contemporary dance. Or what should or should one not do.. Thank you... …

Dancer with hyper extended knees that hurt 
hi all. i am a dancer, i currently do modern, contemporary and ballet (RAD) i have really bad "swing back knees" as other known as hyperextension. i …

Iwanson international school of contemporary dance 
Hello, I have been accepted in the Iwanson International school of contemporary dance in Munich. Could someone tell me how is the work in this school …

Physiotherapist for contemporary dancers 
Hi :) I am a physiotherapy student and I am not a dancer but I am interested in dance and theatre in general. I would like to know if there is a …

Dancing barefoot? 
Do you enjoy dancing barefoot? What do you feel when performing without shoes? Do you feel more free then?

Dance clothes (what to wear for contemporary dance) 
I've not entered a class but am teaching my self, with help from family members who are dancers, how to dance contemporary dance. I'm not sure if …

Choreography that works behind a screen/backlighting  
Hello, I need to create a choreographed piece that will be performed with a screen with back lighting. It needs to really emphasize poses quickly on …

Learning contemporary dance through DVDs 
Hi, this is Sarah and I am a real fan of contemporary dance; the free spirit of this dance is so fascinating for me. However, I live in an Islamic country …

The pros and cons of starting a company versus being a freelance choreographer 
Hello, I have really been enjoying your site! Thank you so much for the extent of information that you offer. My question is about starting a career …

What is contemporary jazz? 
I started taking dance classes for contemporary jazz. I first started because I saw this show on TV and they dance contemporary dance so nicely. Another …

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How can anatomy provide help in the training process to become a successful dance performer? 
How can knowledge of the circulatory, respiratory, and the nervous system provide help in the training process to become a successful performer?

Which style should I take if I have an interest in lyrical pieces? 
Hey I'm Tanvi and I am 16. I love to dance and have been doing jazz for the past year. I wish to dance professionally; it's my passion and something …

Can I get a scholarship in contemporary dance ?  
Dear sir/ms I'm a high school student from Indonesia. I need a scholarship in dance major. I've learnt the technique skill for traditional dance …

Does run any sort of workshops? 
well mam I wanted to ask you if your organization runs any sort of workshops in India; it would be a pleasure to learn from your organisation...

How can a bad diet affect the performance of a dancer? 
I'm doing a project at school about how diet can affect a dancer’s performance. I was wondering if you have any information about how having a bad diet …

Do I need any formal dance training to become a professional? 
Hi, I want to ask if I need any full time formal dance training to become a professional or can I just take part time classes instead. Also how can …

How much does a dance company make per performance? 
Hi, I was just wondering how much does a dance company make per performance? I'd be really grateful if you could help. Thanks, Amy

Career plan for dance 
How do you make a career plan for dance?

Can you make a living as a dancer? 
Hey, I love dancing so much, it is my life. I'd love to do it all my life as a full time dancer. I'd love to go to dance college and hopefully become …

Origin of dance 
What's the origin of dance in general ?

Setting the rhythmical structure of choreography 
While setting the choreography, do we need to have a move for every beat or is it for every measure? And what is the last phrase of choreography...i.e...four, …

Do I need any qualification to be a professional dancer? 
I want to know if I need to have any qualification and certificates to be a professional or do I just go to auditions without it. Me and my parents …

Please help me identify what this partner turn is and how to do it!!  
I have seen this move before but I cannot locate it now that I want to use it in a dance I am working on. It is a partner move and it usually (from …

Recognizing contemporary dance. 
What are the ten basic dance combinations which make a dance contemporary?

Why do we have to do dance?  
Why do we have to dance if we dont like it?

Tips for young choreographers 
Hi, my name is Maryah and I'm 17 years old. I just wanted to email you, because dancing is a huge part of my life and my career is to be a dance choreographer …

Philosophers of dance 
Identify and state two philosophers of dance?

Interesting facts about contemporary dance 
Me and my friend were given the rare assignment about contemporary dance culture and interesting facts. We can’t find anything on it and really need your …

What type / genre of music is used for contemporary dance? 
What type / genre of music is used for contemporary dance?

Contemporary dance and disability 
Hello! I am delighted to say that your site has been very helpful so far, but I think I really need to ask for your help at this point. I am a student …

What main body systems do you use for contemporary dance? 
What main body systems do you use for contemporary dance?

What is dance production? 
What is dance production?

Top contemporary dance companies? 
Hi Maria, I'm currently doing research into the top contemporary dance companies around the world and have to say your website has been hugely helpful. …

College dance team requirements? 
What do you need to have to make it into a college dance team? Do you need to have a nice body? Be perfect, like top notch, and what I mean by that is …

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Contemporary Dance Companies that use older dancers 
Do you know of any contemporary dance companies that specialize in using older dancers (40+) or companies that use some older dancers?

A computer software for composing choreography? 
Do you know a computer software for composing choreography?

Dancing or not ? (shoud I continue dancing?) 
okayy so I started dancing when I was 5 years old and didn’t have a passion for it till I turned 11 years old . Long story, short this year I decided I …

On music (for contemporary dance) 
Is there any problem if it contains some lyrics? Like just some kind of words said to convey meaning?

Percussive movement 
What is percussive movement?

The best contemporary dancer. 
Who is the best contemporary dancer of this century?

Contemporary (how does contemporary dance help me?) 
How does contemporary dance help me?

What does contemporary dance
look like?
What does contemporary dance look like?

Admissions for contemporary dance companies in Belgium 
Hello, my name is Anastasia. I recently learned that there are a lot of interesting dance companies in Belgium today. Can you tell me more about them? …

Dance (how to dance better?) 
How can my contemporary dance get better?

Key figures in contemporary dance 
What are 3 key figures in contemporary dance?

How old do you have to be to get an agent to audition for a dance company?

Increase in dance market trend for contemporary dance 
Is there an increase in demand for contemporary dance in the last few years and now? If so, how do we know this and why is it becoming such a trend?

How to quote this website? 
I would like to use quotes from the articles in your website such as the definition of contemporary dance and other snippets, in my essay for a Community …

How to loose weight? 
Hi! ma'am I'm asking another question and that is:"HOW TO LOOSE WEIGHT"....... I'm 43kg for 11 years but I should be near 35kg. Can you pleaseeeeeee …

Thin body? 
Is it important to become thin to do contemporary dance?

Contemporary Professions 
How old do you have to be to start in a contemporary dance company professionally?

Children themes for their contemporary dance. 
Hi, I am a dance teacher and would like to know some themes to give the children to work on for their contemporary dance pieces. If you have any ideas …

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