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contemporary dance for children  
Hi, what is your opinion about teaching contemporary dance to children regardless of their practice of ballet too? Nowadays, in Italy, children start …

What's the name of this dance pose/move? 
Hi! I did this move in class and I have forgotten what it is called. It is when you: Point your toe out to the side, keeping your legs …

How to land a side Ariel quietly  
I weigh barely anything but No matter how hard I try I can't land my side Ariel quietly. I have tried landing on my toes I still make a thud and in my …

Tour over the instep 
I have seen a step in a choreographed dance video that I do not understand the technique behind. I will try to describe the step, please let me know how …

How to improve my skill of expressing the attitude of a dance 
Hi. I can pick up choreography pretty fast but it takes me a day or two of practising it to add "attitude" or to get the "vibe" of the choreo. My question …

Could I be permanently injured?! 
Hi so a few months ago I was stretching my splits, I've never been too flexible but I try! I was stretching my scorpian and decided to push myself a bit …

Getting your splits  
Hi. I have been working on my splits and yesterday I finally got my right leg split. So after stretching and working out today I have seem to have lost …

How to be more flexible 
How do I become more flexible? FIRST ANSWER : Dear Mia, Flexibility can be gained, but it requires patience and a long and disciplined process …

Motivation tips for dancers 
Hello! I have been dancing for 10 years, but have only wanted to do it seriously these past few months. I would very much like to do most of my dance …

How to improve my dance 
Hi friends. Actually I was quite a good dancer earlier. But now I joined a dance class after 6 years and I came to realize that I am not …

How to do high legs extensions?  
Hello, I can do splits but whenever I'm supposed to do high leg kicks or extensions, my legs can't go too high; even if I carry my leg up to the height …

How to do a deeper plié? 
Hello. I would like to ask u a question. I hope u can answer me, thank u. I cannot do really deep plié; mine is really shallow. Like really, can't …

How to do a pirouette en dehors and en dedans ? 
Can somebody analyse a pirouette en dehors and en dedans?

Is it wise to start learning contemporary dance with the Skinner Release technique? 
Hello, I have recently become so passionate about dance, especially modern/contemporary dance and I just read your entire website (I’m so grateful …

Technique for TOUR EN L’AIR (or spin in the air) 
Please, let me know the technique behind spin in the air. I find difficulties in doing it and please tell us what this turn is called?? It's my favorite …

Technique for dancing tilts 
What is a tilt? How can I do it? What are the mistakes you frequently do when doing a tilt?

Exercises to get flexible hips 
Please tell me techniques or exercises to get flexible hips for deggagés, developpés, and kicks..

How much should I warm up before stretching? 
Hi! I was wondering how much I should warm up before stretching. Sometimes I just do jumping jacks or squats for around 3 minutes but I rarely feel like …

In modern dance, movement more often originates in which part of the body? 
In modern dance, movement more often originates in which part of the body? Hands Head Chest Torso

Cunningham dance technique 
What is Cunningham dance technique?

Dance performing skills 
When performing, what are the main things you are thinking about to give your best performance: (performing skills)?

Basic things that we should take care of to improve our synchronization with beats 
What are the basic things that we should take care of and should try, to improve our coordination and synchronization with beats...?

The Dancer's Body 
What does a dancer need in order to perform at his/ her best ability?

Close fingers for spinning technique? 
Why do dancers have to close their fingers when doing a full spin?

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Name of positions for floor barre? 
What are the five ballet positions for floor barre?

Is the hand stand part of the contemporary dance technique ? 
I am in year 10 at high school and have been trained in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and hip hop since I was 3 years of age. My dance teacher refuses …

Tips for spinning while dancing 
I’d want one tip about spins while dancing....means how are we supposed to carry our body weight and feet positions...

Technical exercises for strengthening the body 
Hello! I would like to ask for a series of technical exercises, including ballet and contemporary, which are good for strengthening the body fully. …

Spelling of Cladeck? Claddek?, a European dance technique of the 1950s 
How do you spell Cladeck? Claddek? This was a contemporary technique used in central Europe in the 1950s.

How to be able to follow the music when dancing 
Hi, I want to ask how to be able to follow the music when dancing. I have no musical background.

What is weight sharing? 
What is weight sharing?

Technical tips for Fouette turns 
I can do double and triple turns and I am now starting to work on my fouette turns. I was just wondering if you had any tips or exercises that would help …

Free videos about
contemporary dance technique
Good day!!! My name is Helen, I am from Ukraine. I am looking for free videos of contemporary dance for beginners. Please, help me! Thanks... FIRST …

The fall recovery and
Limon technique
What is the role Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman played in the development of the fall recovery and Limón technique?

Self-taught Dance Technique 
Hi there. I go to a good studio in a relatively small town, but as I gain knowledge of the dance community as a whole I'm starting to realize that my technique …

Dance Achievements 
If you get really good at dancing, then what do you achieve?

Technique (for contemporary dance) 
What is the technique?

Graham floor work 
How can I obtain the series of exercises for Graham floor work? Even just the names?

A technique that can help people release stress  
Hi Maria, I am Belinda from Singapore. I chanced upon your website while searching for Release Technique workshops available in Asia. I can see from …

Balance and flat feet for contemporary dance 
I don't have an arch, or in other words I'm flat-footed. The foot doctor may be able to do something, but I'm not so sure there is anything he can do. …

How can I dance fast and easy? 
I'm really not used to fast music; I am used to dance to classical and slow music. I have experienced ballet on my past years but now I have enrolled for …

Horton technique? 
Hi! I'm 18 and have only been dancing since September 2010 (so about 6 months) and have really gained a love for contemporary dance and how it can make …

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