How to quote this website?

by Rebecca Jeffery
(Bideford, Devon, UK)

I would like to use quotes from the articles in your website such as the definition of contemporary dance and other snippets, in my essay for a Community Dance Practice degree on 'Approaches to body work'. Please give me the date when that was written/published and the author.

Regarding other sources within your website, what is the best way of citing the source? I find your articles easy to understand and great for me as a student of contemporary dance!

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Jun 01, 2011
Answer from Maria
by: Maria

Dear Rebecca,

I'm glad is useful for you.

The general content of this website has all been written by me, except for the things that visitors have submitted themselves or short quotations I've done. In those cases, you will always find the author next to the text or at the beginning of the page, in a very visible way.

So, everywhere on the site, where there's no author given, you are reading my own writings, including the definition of contemporary dance and so on (it might seem as too much, but I've been working hard for this project for a while now).

To quote the information you find at you should include:

1. AUTHOR. Title of the article or page. URL, Date of consultation in the web.

Here’s an example of quotation of the definition of contemporary dance:

1. NARANJO, Maria del Pilar. Dance Terms., 1 June 2011.

For your own information, I wrote that definition of contemporary dance in 2010.

Remember that you fill find the URL address of each page at the top of your browser, in the addresses bar. It begins with etc.

If you are writing a document for the web, you should better use html links instead of just the URL. For easy implementation, the codes are provided at the bottom of each page in the website. In case you haven't seen it, just below the facebook button, there is a link that says: Enjoy this page? Please pay it forward. Here's how...

When clicking on that link, you will have access to the corresponding codes.

You may link to as many pages as you like, but please be sure to make visible and clear that all the content of this website has copyright and it is provided for consulting only. You can do that by adding the copyright symbol after the links or somewhere that fits your document (©).

Please, feel as part of's family. The goal of this website is to share all this information with people like you. And don't hesitate to come back to follow the updates and participate in any other way.

I wish you the best for your essay and dancing career.



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