About studying dance abroad, mainly for choreography

by Yooha
(South Korea)

1. There are few ways of dance career such as choreographer, professional dancer etc. If I decided to study choreography course as my major, is the proportion of practical training reduces to also be a dancer?

2. Do you think you could be a choreographer and a professional dancer at the same time?
3. Do you think Belgium is a good place to learn dance and also to live in?
4. What do you think about America for the place to learn dance?


Dear Yooha,
If you decide to study choreography, the amount of practical training as a dancer may be less than you expect. But that depends on the school you attend and its studying programs.
You can be a choreographer and a professional dancer, but it is not easy to do both at the same time. It all depends on the professional engagements you get. However, it is common to be both, whether at the same time or alternating the activities in time.
I believe Belgium is a great place, both to live and to learn dance. Same thing about the United States of America.
; )

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