Contemporary dance trends, techniques and choreographic concepts


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Apr 10, 2012
Answer from Maria
by: Maria

Dear Louis,

You can start by reading our page about contemporary dance history. There's an overview of big trends in that page:

Contemporary dance history

We also have a special page for contemporary dance techniques:

Contemporary Dance Techniques

For broadening your understanding of our choreographic concepts, I would recommend you to read the books by Laurence Louppe: "Poetics of Contemporary Dance" (vol. 1 and 2). You can also find these books in French.

There's also a section about choreography with related pages in our website. It has explanations about our composition methods and related articles. That could give you an insight about the creative ideology that underlies our practice. Here are some of those pages:


Dance Composition

I believe the expression 'choreographic concepts' is wide, so depending on what you are specifically searching, there are some threads in our forum that could be of interest for you as well:

Interesting facts about contemporary dance

What type of music is used for contemporary dance

...I guess you better browse again over the forum to see what you find:

Forum for dance questions

I hope this guides you somehow. However, you will see that contemporary dance is a WIDE universe and short definitions are rare. You will create your understanding of these questions by gathering lots of assorted information; my recommendations make up just a part of it.

But I guess there's enough to read there, for the moment... ;-)

Warm regards,


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