Dancing barefoot?

by Kamil

Do you enjoy dancing barefoot? What do you feel when performing without shoes? Do you feel more free then?

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Jan 26, 2015
Maria's reply
by: Maria

Dear Kamil,

I’ve personally felt the fact of dancing barefoot as just another way of dancing. It has not been a matter of freedom, but more like a matter of comfort.

In my case, ballet shoes, both demipontes and pointes, used to press my toes against each other, causing pain, blisters or hurting my feet in different ways. When dancing barefoot, my toes could be wide opened and that would free them from the ballet shoes issues. Yet, turning and gliding may be more difficult when dancing barefoot and you can also get hurt easily, so the problem of painful feet is not completely solved because you dance barefoot.

After years of experimenting both dancing barefoot and with the ballet slippers, I ended up doing my contemporary dance always with socks. Socks are great because they don’t crush your toes and allow you to turn and slide with ease. The problem with socks is that depending on the floor you’re dancing on, they may be slippery…

As I am also a flamenco dancer, I have experience of yet another way of dancing, which is with shoes that have high heels. These types of shoes shouldn’t hurt your toes if they are of an appropriate size and have a wide point. The floor in which you dance and the sole of the shoes may cause technical difficulties, but you learn to handle ‘your’ shoes… as if they were a musical instrument.

I believe that there are always technical issues, risks or pains that you have to learn to avoid and manage. Some people say that dancing barefoot makes them free, but that is not my case. For me, it’s just another way of relationship to the floor, which I enjoy. But I also enjoy socks and high heels shoes…

Aug 24, 2015
Peter Reply
by: Peter

Dear Kamil,

It always depends on the choice. I would say it is another way of dancing. If you feel comfortable on barefoot go ahead, but there is a disadvantage too on this.

I am a seasoned dancer, I think you are just a starter. I've also done the performing on barefoot but later I got heel pain. Recently I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. If you are getting pain, you have to start using special shoes and socks for plantar fascitis while dancing. Shoes don't help alone for pain; that is why I have mentioned socks.

Finaly, I have to say that it all depends on your choice; do and test it. If you feel comfortable go ahead but keep in mind what I have told you :)

All the best

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