by Martinus Miroto
(Yogyakarta INDONESIA)


Is there any body creating teleholograhic reality dance performance? I created "Body in Between" a teleholographic reality dance for my Doctoral degree in dance at Indonesia Institute of the Arts YOGYAKARTA. If you have information about this kind of choreographic approach, please let me know, so I could contact and possibly doing telepresence collaboration. I received MFA in dance at UCLA (1995). I am a dance lecturer, choreographer, dancer, and founder-director of the Bedog Arts Festival. Thanks.


The creation of Body in Between: A Body between Reality and Virtual was driven by collaboration in dance and interaction in cyberspace experiences. The two experiences have brought out an idea of making tele-holographic reality dance performance using tele-presence collaboration approach. The concept of this piece is the mingle of the reality and virtual world that produce a hybrid space or the third space in which the tele-presence collaboration among artists from diverse countries take place (New York, Tokyo, Taipei, Indonesia).
In order to create the piece, tele-presence system (video call Skype) and pepper’s ghost holographic technique are used. The tele-presence system simulates real subjects from a distance to be compressed, transmitted through an internet connection, decompressed and projected in order to produce virtual-reality images on a new space. Meanwhile, the pepper’s ghost holographic technique presents the virtual-reality images in three dimensional forms on stage to collaborate with the real performers.
In fact, tele-holographic reality performance produces some implications in the Indonesian contemporary dance. Firstly, the presentation of the virtual body (teleholographic) in this piece is a new partnering experience in dance. Secondly, the presence of the third space, which is the space between reality and virtual, have brought out a mix staging technique with framing technique in cinematography. Thirdly, the approach of tele-presence collaboration can become one of alternative collaboration system among artists in the constellation of globalization that is characterized by the compressed of space and time.

Key words: performance, tele-presence, pepper’s ghost, hybrid

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