Adding 'Breath' to movement

by Katie

My teacher told me that I have really good flexibility and that my dancing is good but I should work on adding more breath to my movement and that will really improve my dancing. What does this mean and how can I do this?


Dear Katie,

‘Adding breath to movement’ is a metaphoric expression. Therefore I can’t know for sure what your teacher means.

However, I can imagine something related. That expression makes me think of what it feels like to be dancing. When you are dancing, you can be very concentrated in executing a routine, or you can be more given to the experience, paying attention to what it feels to be dancing.

If you 'over concentrate' in the routine, you might forget to feel what is happening and the breathing that comes as a consequence. This specific way of focusing attention in breath and sensing, can give your dance a contagious quality of enjoyment. And that may transform your dancing technique into emotions and feelings, which is the goal of art.

So…what’s the way to achieve that? Well, I’d say: focus more on enjoying.

Sounds good. Does good. You’ll see.

; )

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