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What Other Visitors Have Asked

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How to nurse and nurture the memory skill in dance? 
Dear Maria, One of the most important tasks in dance class is learning at once what teacher instructs, then incorporate elements of technique and performance. …

Contemporary dance schools in Madrid or Barcelona? 
Hello. Does anybody have to recommend any dance schools in Madrid or Barcelona? I am keen on contemporary dance classes for professionals (release techniques, …

How does dance communicate and how is dance studied differently in different cultures? 
Good Afternoon, I am an American college student pursuing a Fulbright application, I have not however picked a country - my area of study though is …

Contemporary dance studios in Ohio? 
Hello! I have danced for 10 years (8 at my current studio). My studio I'm at now is more ballet based, but I take the other forms as well (jazz modern …

Is there a website that can help you learn how to dance 
Would anyone recommend a website to try at home dancing? The only one I've found so far is but it seems erudite …

Is attending dance studios mandatory to be a good dancer? 
In order for me to be a successful and good dancer is it mandatory to train in a dance studio or can you be self taught?

PARTS Audition (2016-2019) 
Hey, I got two questions about the audition at PARTS in Brussels. 1. Does anybody know anything about the expectations in ballet? 2. In the discription …

I want to learn lyrical dance. Do I need ballet? 
I want to learn Lyrical dance, but I'm not sure if I need to learn ballet in order to do it. When I was 7 I did ballet until I was 9. Later, due to …

Whats your experience of Martha Graham School NY? 
Hi there, Has anyone here attended the independent program run by the Martha Graham School School in NY? If so, how did you find the experience? …

Which is the best country to study contemporary dance? 
Hello, I am 18 years old and my dream is it to become a professional dancer. I will graduate in April next year, so therefore I need to start auditioning …

Scholarships for American going to European Dance School? 
I am currently applying for the post graduate company year that is a part of the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Austria. I'm an American …

Can I do a Master's Degree in Dance without having a previous dance certificate? 
I have a BA graphic design, but I really want to do a Master’s Degree in Dance and I want to learn more about it and be able to teach it in the future. …

What to expect from a dance college?  
Hey! My dance teacher is starting to encourage me to think about dance colleges and I have the opportunity to go and talk to lots of the dance colleges …

Colleges that offer education in dancing, even if you haven't danced much. 
The thing is, I want nothing more than to be a professional street dancer and make money out of it. But I haven't started dancing at the age of 3 or anything, …

Contemporary dance classes
in Shangai
Maria, So glad that I found your website. It is very helpful. After many years of struggling to find my real passion without considering and afraid …

Is a government dance institution (Tafe) better than a private dance school? 
Hi, I want to ask if a government institution (Tafe) is better than the private ones. They both give out the same qualifications by the national recognized …

At what age can I learn contemporary Jazz 
Hi, I am 10 and i want to know at what age can i learn contempoary Jazz?

Contemporary dance instructional DVD, for the absolute beginner in their early 30's 
Hello, I was hoping you could help me with a recommendation for a contemporary dance instructional DVD, for the absolute beginner in their early 30's. …

How much does it cost to study contemporary dance? 
Hello, I am a dancer and I study dance in the 3th year. I would like to study more and more about dance and our country (Syria) is poor at contemporary …

Self teaching for older dancers 
Hello Maria, First of all, thank you for your wonderful website! I have question regarding self-teaching for older dancers (I am 28). For …

Contemporary dance classes or workshops in Colombia? 
Hello, I was just visiting your website and I think you might be the right person to help me with my search. I am coming to Colombia for 1-2 months …

Dance school where I have possibilities to enter being 29 
Hello Maria! I'm Elena, I live in Greece and I am a yoga teacher. For 12 years I practiced dance (jazz, ballet). The last 2 years I started to practice …

Possibilities for entering a school of contemporary dance in Belgium 
Hi, my name is Martina. I am a dance student in Quito-Ecuador. I would like to know the possibilities for entering a school of contemporary dance in Belgium. …

Summer dance schools for someone with a non-dance degree 
Hello, My name is Livia, I am 22 and I have a Sociology and Drama degree. I would be interested in taking up dance more professionally, being keen …

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Recommendations of Schools / Suggestions about Studying for Choreography with a Non-dance Degree in Hands 
Dear Maria, This year I will be 23 years old and I just got my Cultural Studies degree. I really hope to study choreography but I am not sure if I should …

Best schools of dance 
Hi, I need a list of 5-10 best schools of contemporary dance in the world for an article. We are making an education project and need a professional advice. …

Contemporary dance
boarding school.
Hi! My name is Logan and I am 15 years old. I was wondering if you know some contemporary dance boarding schools that I can go to?

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