The following selection of videos aims to show you examples of contemporary dance. The gallery  is open to post your material. Contact me if you wish to share your work (same for editing or updating already posted videos).

All these films are protected by copyright. If you’re interested in using them, contact me or their owners directly. (Please notice that for privacy reasons, the sign @ has been replaced by the signs [at] when e-mail addresses are provided)

"Imago Ep.I: Orientation"

by Die Wolke Art Group

Interesting and beutiful hybrid between a dance film and a narrative short.

David Dowling, videographer for the modern dance company Rebollar Dance is working to get out the importance of video blogging and filming rehearsals to help promote modern dance. Here’s an example of his work. Thanks David!:

You can learn more about David’s work here:

I live and die; drowning I burn to death

by David Chavannes

Last experimental contemporary dance video piece by David Chavannes. It is intended as a three screen loop installation. Find more information here: I live and die; drowning I burn to death


by Chameleon

Here’s an example of tremendous technical virtuosity outside of the territories of classical ballet…

Body Remix - Goldberg Variations

by Marie Chouinard

Marie Chouinard... a celebrity in the field of transformations of the body (which is a big affair for contemporary dance).


by Chunky Move

See this fantastic and original approach of the use of technology... one of contemporary dance's favourite toys...


by Lorenzo McLovin

Here's a beautiful example of a dancer with a great sense of music and the musicality of dance.


by José D. Flórez. Contact: jdflorex[at]

Notice the great balance between dance and audiovisual work; interesting music as well.


by Method Contemporary Dance

Lots of energy expenditure! ... notice their exceptional jumping style.

Thought of You

by Ryan Woodward

I just couldn't hold from posting this here. I find it amazing to see that people from other artistic languages have a close perception of what we do...

This guy really deserves a big hug...

The cost of living (2004)

by DV8 PHysical Theater

DV8... already a 'classic' of video dance. This is just a tiny example, so I recommend you to search for them and watch their whole work. It's just amazing.

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