Several months after the launching of, I started receiving kind messages from grateful readers.

Besides the greetings and compliments for the quality of the site, some people have asked me if there is a way to reward me for the information and service I am providing.

Off course there are several ways, not only to reward me, but to contribute to the service that offers to the worldwide dancing community:

1. Spread the word: tell your colleagues and friends that exists; send and share links from via e-mail, apps, or through your social media accounts.

2. Participate at our FORUM: you may have received an answer to a question you had once... now, add your knowledge to the questions that other posted, in exchange for what you received.

3. Share your news: remember that there's a section for this at our website and it depends on the content that you all send me.

4. Contribute with content: if you have original videos, music or written material related to contemporary dance that may be useful for others, send it to be shared through the website. Just contact me and I'll find out where it fits better.

5. Give me a hand to pay the monthly costs of hosting, domain registration, technical maintanance, updates and upgrades and other constant attention that the website requires for staying live:

1. Buy Maria a cup of coffee ...........................................2 usd

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6. Buy "The Handy E-book of Contemporary Dance History". It is a great summary that will keep your memory fresh or, if you are new in our community,  it will introduce you to our history in an easy way.

If you believe that this website has provided you with valuable information and you feel this project deserves your gratitude, support its existence and ongoing growth by contributing with one of the possibilities listed above.

You can also help by showing this page to any person or institution that would agree to support it.

Or, if you represent an institution yourself or make part of one, and want to explicitly sponsor the site, contact me directly and tell me if you desire your corporate image or brand to be displayed online.

I sincerely thank you all for your support and understanding of dance as a common project. I’m trying to put my little grain of sand here, but it will sure be greater with the help of all.



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Dear Maria, I love this site! Very helpful, interesting and inspiring. I live in UAE but am originally russian. I love dance! It's my life, but I have a problem. This country does not have what I want and need: Professional Dance. I'd sit everyday on the internet researching and researching which would upset me because I want to be a dancer but I don't know if I have a chance. I am still 15 going on 16. I just don't want to pull time until I'm old enough to travel wherever. Your website is really great and bet took hard work!

Thank you Maria. How do I pay for this subscription? I am amazed at the wonderful depth of this web site. Thank you. Munay ki, Miss Pearl

Dear Maria, schapou for your site... I am so impressed and so grateful to come to learn that there are sharing people in the dance world. I have just came out of knee surgery and looking, searching for myself... knowing that dance is my breath , movement is my light... and stage is a sourcefull environment in which my brain and soul keep flexible. I would like to farther an encounter with you if possible, collaborate, learn how to network and how to bring out the creator that is in me. I wanted to really give you this feedback.. I’m happy I found your site... just about to go teach improv. and playing with the ideas.. All the best, if you wish you can check me out on vimeo. Ellah Nagli

Greetings! I am a graduate student in dance at Jacksonville University's new low-residency MFA program. Your site will help me understand dance history; thank you for your knowledge and insight and looking forward to supporting your endeavors! JoAnna

Hello Maria, Firstly I really appreciate your efforts of spreading the awareness on Contemporary Dance to the world by educating people with lots of information. It is also a platform for people to express their viewpoints with opinions and interact with people. Great job! Thank you so much for this information. It is helping me a lot. Thank you, Binal Shah

I am a contemporary dancer in Inshoza company dance of Rwanda at National University of Rwanda so am happy to read about contemporary and I think I will be better than I am today so I thank you for your helpness. MOUHAMDE NSHIMIYIMANA

Thank you so much for the articles... it inspires me a lot during my improvisation class... :)
I really want to go abroad to study dance further...
I was accepted in the program called Boogiezone Exchange (USA), this summer, but I can't go because the visa was refused twice by the US embassy here in Indonesia.... and I was almost desperate, I really want the chance to experience dance studies there in the USA.
But after I receive these emails about dance and knowledge, I become spirited to start again and look for the positive side. :)
Thanks so much for the inspirations and information.... Really helps me out in my situation... :)

Dear Maria, !wow thank u! U are doing a great job! Thank u and good luck. Michal

The list of messages is endless... so I'll just stop here... ;)