Which style should I take if I have an interest in lyrical pieces?

(New Delhi, India.)


I'm Tanvi and I am 16. I love to dance and have been doing jazz for the past year. I wish to dance professionally; it's my passion and something that I wish to excel at.

Presently I'm more interested in the lyrical pieces and therefore funk jazz doesn't quite interest me. I'm completely confused as to what I should really start with. Ballet or contemporary is what's going on in my mind. As I don't have much idea about dance styles and options for me in dance, I need something to start on with and get a better understanding of the dancing technique. I need some advice on the styles you think I should take and a basic idea about me wanting to take dance ahead in my life or just leaving it to a hobby, considering that I am going to be starting with the process of boards and then soon college.

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Dec 03, 2012
Maria's reply
by: Maria

Dear Tanvi,

I think that ballet, contemporary or any modern-like class will be appropriate for studying a dancing technique that allows you to perform lyrical pieces.

Try taking classes of one of those dance genres or of several of them at the same time if you can afford it. After having your own experience of those techniques, you will be able to decide which one fits your personality better. You can decide then if you wish to continue specializing in just one genre or if you still want to know other teacher's styles or dancing types.

Concerning your future as a dancer, I think that you are the only one that knows if you want to dedicate your life to this. But if you want to be a professional, you need to engage soon in serious dancing studies.

We have several threads in which I've discussed related questions with other visitors like you. I think you should read those chats, to have ideas for thinking. Here are the links to some of those conversations:

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There are other chats in that same section of our forum that may help you think about this decision you're about to take. Just scroll down the title of the threads in the following page. You may want to read more:

Forum about dance questions from beginners

Without knowing my website's visitors personally, I do recommend you all to follow your dream of dancing, if it is true. However, each life circumstances are different and you need to evaluate carefully what your living context and possibilities offer to you.

Please explore the threads I suggested above as I've given a lot of advice on the subject there. But at the end, take your decision after evaluating your unique personal circumstances.

I wish you wisdom.

Warm regards,


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