Interesting facts about contemporary dance

by Mariah

Me and my friend were given the rare assignment about contemporary dance culture and interesting facts. We can’t find anything on it and really need your help. If you can answer this you're a life saver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Mariah and Isabella


Dear Mariah and Isabella,

Here are some ideas for your assignment:

- Contemporary dance is different from all other dances because it is defined mostly by an ideology and not by a style of movement. That is rare an interesting because if you look deep into contemporary dance, you will find ethical values like respect for the other, acceptance of the natural conditions of each dancer's body, an opening of the mind, creative freedom, non-destructive discrimination, democratized working and so forth.

- The name of contemporary dance is somehow an accident of history. Around the 1950s there was a dance historian that made a book about the dance of his time. The title of the book was "The contemporary dance", which intended to refer to the dance at the 1950s. However, his book was about ballet, modern dance and the new dance forms that were emerging. Around the 1980s, the word 'contemporary' acquired the established function of naming this new type of dance. The curious part of this is that though one of the characteristics of contemporary dance is indeed to be current or in a dialogue with its present time, that is definitely not its sole defining feature. It is curious how humans use language after all... Find complementary information about this topic here:

When did contemporary dance start?

- Contemporary dance is considered as a form of western art. Though, many of its most differentiating features arise from the application of eastern ideas or values. Examples of it are the revolution made by Merce Cunningham under the influence of the ZEN Buddhism or the whole bunch of training techniques that are derivations of the Indian Hatha Yoga. So, western or eastern...? Find complementary information about Merce Cunningham's revolution here:

Merce Cunningham

I agree with you. This is not an easy assignment. I hope this helps you somehow!

Warm regards,


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Feb 04, 2014
Contemporary Dance
by: Anonymous

Contemporary Dance

•Contemporary dance is unchoreographed
•they took influences from non-western dance cultures
•Contemporary dance can be done en pointe, barefoot, in socks…
•Often professional concert contemporary dance is abstract using just a simple line of movement
•Any type of music, noise, the spoken word or even no music or sound at all can be used to dance to

May 19, 2014
I love it
by: Anonymous

I love contemporary dance

Aug 11, 2014
contemp dance
by: Anonymous

I love contemp dance so much that I did it for 9 years.

Jun 01, 2015
A little help
by: Experienced Dancer

This dance helps express your self, i strted dance before i was born if that makes sense and now i am extremely talented if i may say so myself, any questions just ask. Your welcome X

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