Our contemporary dance directory is divided in five categories:

1. Contemporary Dance CompaniesSubmit or update your company info.

2. Contemporary Dance SchoolsSubmit or update your school info.

3. Contemporary Dance FestivalsSubmit or update a contemporary dance festival.

4. Dance Scholarships Find the dance scholarships that are available worldwide. Share the dance scholarships you know with all of us.

5. Contemporary Dance Websites (blogs, forums, dance social networks, institutions, journals and so on). Submit or update your dance website info.

Each category is organized in alphabetical order by countries and regions within those countries.

If you want to appear in this list (it’s free) or want to update your contact information just fill in the correspondent form provided above.

Please keep in mind that this is a contemporary dance site. Send your data only if your practice belongs to this type of dance or is very close related.

Also, if you prefer your name to be removed from our list, just contact me by sending a message.

I hope you find our directory useful. Remember that it is continuously under construction and you’re invited to participate!

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