How to be more flexible

by Mia
(no location given)

How do I become more flexible?


Dear Mia,

Flexibility can be gained, but it requires patience and a long and disciplined process of work.

I suppose you are a dancer, so I recommend you to make from half an hour to one hour of stretching exercises every day when you wake up, after your breakfast. This means that you need to organize your life so that you have that time available.

Also, you should relax and stretch again before any class or rehearsal, if your body is cold. The time for this depends on the class or rehearsal that follows, as much as on your physiological needs. Therefore you should observe your body and its reactions to movement so that you learn to recognize what you need.

Once you’ve finished rehearsal or class and are very warm, you should stretch again. Do this after performances too, even if you are willing to go out and talk to the audience immediately.

You may do some stretching before going to bed too…

Summary:…to be more flexible you need to do a lot of stretching… a looooooooooot… . But again, each dancer has specific physiological needs, so always pay attention to the messages coming from your body. Too much pain is not a good sign.

Also, remember that dance is not only about acrobatics. I tell you this because that’s what you need the flexibility for. Dance is also about expression, musicality, sensing, thinking, communicating, relating to a context and other issues. If you are not very flexible, you can always dance, maximizing any of the other components of dance as an aesthetical strategy.

We have a page about basic yoga that may be helpful for your stretching routines. Find it here:

Basic Yoga

Warm regards,

Maria ;)

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Nov 14, 2017
Can I start at 12
by: Anonymous

I am 11 going to turn 12 next month.I would really want to dance and my mom is willing to pay for dance classes as from next year.But will I be able to dance at 12?I am a bit fat n I think I will not cope 😢😢please help me....please tell me what to do and where to start because I have no clue of how to dance!

Thank you😘😘

Nov 16, 2017
Start dancing at 12
by: Maria

Hi there!

We have a chat in our forum that will give you the answer. Please take your time to read:

Can I start dancing contemporary at 16?

And there's this one about where to start:

Where to start contemporary dance ?

; )

Dec 28, 2017
Really love watching dance and would love to do it
by: Lily

I just turned 12 in October . I would really like to start dancing like modern andcontemporary but if I did will I be in grade 1 with all the mini dancers or will I be with my sge group ? 😁😀

Kind regards
PS:do u know any good dance schools in EastLondon?

Jan 02, 2018
Reply for Lily
by: Maria

Dear Lily,

Your teacher will decide in which group you fit better. I understand that you prefer to be with partners of your same age, but if they are more advanced, it may be better to be with the ‘minis’ for a while, to catch something up before.

All the information I have about dancing schools is located in our directory:

contemporary dance schools

; )

Sep 18, 2018
Need help
by: Anonymous

I want to be a dancer but it's am rubbish can you tell me some stretchers to do so I can can vs and get my foot up to my head

Sep 19, 2018
Stretching exercises
by: Maria

Hi there,

Please read my first reply in this chat. You'll fond a link to a page with stretching exercises there. It may be useful for you.

; )

Nov 03, 2018
by: Isabelle♡


Im swedish so sorry if I spell wrong sometimes. I’m 11 going to 12 and I love dance! In Sweden you can’t really have dance as a job it’s more like just a fun thing. I can’t do split or anything. I can’t do gymnastics either and I’m really sad because dance is what I want to do. I take classes but asi said is not that serious. Like it’s one day per week. So I don’t learn that much and aslo its hip hop. And I want to dance contemporary. What should I do? When I think about start to train to make a split I just end up cutting myself. Should I just give up dance?

/ Isabelle

Nov 23, 2018
Start taking contemporary dance classes right now
by: Maria

Dear Isabelle,

If you want to learn contemporary dance, you should start right now. You will see that contemporary dance is not about doing splits, even though some dancers may do splits now and then.

Contemporary dance is a wide choreographic art and people without much flexibility can practice too.

This is a long explanation. I recommend you to explore and read this website thoroughly. By reading about the history, watching videos or heariing about the different techniques, you may understand better what I'm trying to tell you so briefly.

Just start your classes and complement them with personal research (watch videos, go to performances, try different classes or teachers, read related texts). You may find your way in.

Some serious schools for dance in Sweden are listed in our directory. You should do some research about those:

Directory of contemporary dance schools

Feb 15, 2023
by: Olivia

Hi I’m Olivia and I swim but I really want to get into dance. I swim from 5:00-6:30 every day. Could you help me find a studio in Colorado that dances from about 7:15-10:15 or something. I can always take swim days off but I would like to squeeze dance into my schedule. I am also not very flexible but I am getting there. I cannot do many tricks but I would like a studio that would help me with that. I also would want todo not just contemporary but would also love to try lyrical and pop. I am also 11, is it too late to start now? Will I be with ‘minis’ or my age group?

Thank you!

Olivia ;)

Feb 17, 2023
Reply for Olivia
by: Maria

Dear Olivia,
It is not too late to start. If you want to know more about this topic, visit our FAQ page. You’ll find the button-link in the left column (or below, if you are reading from a mobile device). The group in which you’ll be placed depends on the studio, teacher, and their criteria. All the information that I have about studios is located in our worldwide directory. Visit that page to see what’s available for Colorado. You will also find the button-link in the navigation bar (it’s marked ‘schools’).
Warm regards, Maria.

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