Tips for spinning while dancing

by Rohit

I’d want one tip about spins while dancing....means how are we supposed to carry our body weight and feet positions...

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Mar 14, 2012
Answer from Maria
by: Maria

Dear Rohit,

There are several technical tricks that are used for almost all types of turns:

1. Keep your body weight balanced around the axe of the turn.

2. While turning, do not move parts of your body that are not used for creating the momentum.

3. Spot: choose a fixed point forward in space (with your eyes) and focus on reaching it always at the end of the turn.

4. The head should turn after the rest of the body, as fast as you can, and at the very end of everything, leading your eyes to reach the spot.

Try this and let us now if it worked. If you explain us more about the specific type of turn you're practicing, we might have more tips for you.

Good spinning!


Dec 19, 2013
tips spinns and turns
by: Anonymous

Practice and be smart,

Dance is physical to improve strength of muscles and right coordination and the momentum.

Try during sit ups and also from back lifts to isolate the spine in spirals from the pelvis to the top of your head. Rotate around in the same accesses with out moving the body from the middle line. The same exercises should you do from heels to hip, palms to sch-older joint. from finger tip to big toe and so on.

Work on your arms. find you sch-older joint clearly. Find stability and the momentum. When you get the arms you can turn from nothing. Its so simple when you get it. The best tips to have a strong position fore turn exercises is to turn in small jump exercises. Some from 5 position out to 4 and find momentum with arms and turn, You have a straight back and the power moment to go up over your self, your back is probably more straight in a jump exercise than in the most other exercises.

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