Exercises to get flexible hips

by dancefreak
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Please tell me techniques or exercises to get flexible hips for deggagés, developpés, and kicks..

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Mar 20, 2013
Maria's reply
by: Maria

Hi there!

I'd recommend you three things to keep in mind:

1. Each person has a different body, so working your hips flexibility may need specific exercises for your own physiology. I will give you only some general recommendations below.

2. Always warm up your hips before the workout. This will help to improve the effect of the exercises.

3. An ideal working rhythm is to stretch the joint in all directions needed each twelve hours (i.e. twice a day). This includes warm up, off course.

Now, there's something weird about thinking of warming up your hips only. Usually, it is better to make a whole body warm up, even if you wish to work on the hips alone.

To warm up your hips, walking or riding a bike for at least fifteen minutes is an easy way. However, you can also warm up your hips with simple movements in which you feel that the joint is reaching all directions. For example:

- Lying down: make circles with the knees or legs.

- Standing: make circles with your pelvis or rise knees and draw circles in the air.

Here's an example I just found at YouTube:

Once you feel your joint is really warmed up, start stretching the joint in the wanted directions. You can do this standing, sitting, lying down or in any position that helps you stretch the joint to the direction you want to work. There's one example of this in our page about basic yoga. Just scroll down the following page till you find the position called 'The Clip':

Page about Basic Yoga

'The Clip' will give you flexibility for kicking forward, for example.

Combine different types of stretching with conscious breathing, practice twice a day and be patient. Flexibility is a reachable goal but it takes a lot of time and persistence.

And least but not last...: do not force your body. There's no point in trying to go further than what your physiology allows. If you push too much, you may hurt yourself and that would only delay your process.

I hope this helps.

Warm regards,


Mar 21, 2013

Thancu to answer my question..

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