Technical exercises for strengthening the body

by Betsy


I would like to ask for a series of technical exercises, including ballet and contemporary, which are good for strengthening the body fully. I have searched over and over on the internet but there is nothing that comes up with Martha Graham (only words like contractions but I do not understand how to do them properly).

Many thanks

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Mar 09, 2012
Answer from Maria
by: Maria

Dear Betsy,

If you are specifically searching for the Graham technique, you could start reading the thread opened by Kristen from Toronto. I gave her an answer there that can give you a starting point for a research about that topic:

Graham floor work

I also recommended once a series of videos about contemporary dance to Helen, from Ukraine:

Free videos about contemporary dance technique

Ballet is what you could really call ‘ Technical exercises for strengthening the body fully ’. A full ballet barre is one of the greatest training methods for dancers. Though, it is crucial to learn it with the right progressive method and taking enough time to incorporate every new skill. You can find many examples of barre exercises in YouTube, but practicing those things if you don't have a deeper knowledge can be really counterproductive.

Below you will see an example of one of the first things you learn and practice in a ballet barre. You can follow the videos it proposes you for going further. However, I think it will be much better if you have the guide of an experienced teacher because other than knowing the method, it is important to adjust the exercises to your specific needs.

I'm planning to upload a series of videos with technical exercises in a near future. If you subscribe to our e-zine, you will be informed through it when they're available (the e-zine is free and you can easily subscribe through the small form in the right column).

I hope this gives you a hand,

Warm regards,


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