The fall recovery and
Limon technique

by Anonymous
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What is the role Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman played in the development of the fall recovery and Limón technique?

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Limon technique

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Dec 22, 2011
Answer from Maria to the fall recovery and Limon technique
by: Maria

Hi there!

First of all, Doris Humphrey is the creator of that technique. Actually, Jose Limon just spread it worldwide after she died.

Charles Weidman was Doris Humphrey's partner, both sentimentally and professionally. It is not recorded that he influenced Humphrey in the creation of her technique, but it is a fact that they worked together for a long time, had a school and a company, and were both teachers of Jose Limon during that time.

We have a special page about Doris Humphrey at our website. I believe you might want to read it to expand. Here's the link to visit the page:

Doris Humphrey

And we also have a page about Jose Limon. You might find information of your interest there too:

Jose Limon

Best wishes,


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