Motivation tips for dancers

by Lilondrac
(Eau Claire)


I have been dancing for 10 years, but have only wanted to do it seriously these past few months.
I would very much like to do most of my dance in Contemporary, and have started trying to practice and exercise everyday.
Do you have some good motivation tips, and some basic routines one could do?

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Jun 09, 2015

by: Maria

Dear Lilondrac,

Here are some motivation tips for dancers:

- Attend dance performances regularly. If that is difficult for you for any reason, watch dance videos on the internet. Try to see works of artists that you admire or that are renowned.

- Spend time with people that are interested in dance like you.

- If you feel tired of a training routine, spend some time improvising and just letting your self move as you feel like moving at the moment.

- Read books or watch videos about other arts in different periods of history.

- Perform!. If you are not invited to perform, organize a performing occasion yourself, regardless of your level.

Concerning your question about the routines, I must say that contemporary dance is too wide and I don’t know the style you’re working on. Also, routines are used to gain specific skills, so that depends on your own process also. I’d better recommend you to read our page about contemporary dance techniques and then you should decide by your self:

contemporary dance techniques

Warm regards,


Jun 10, 2015
by: Lilondrac

Thank you!!!

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