Do I need to be flexible to do contemporary dancing and do I need skills in Ballet ?

by Valerie

Hi Im 12 years old, and I was wondering if I could start contemporary dancing but I have no skills in Ballet or what so ever. Is this even possible ?, Im not flexible either but i really want to try contemporary dancing. Could you tell me whats the chance of me becoming a dancer :(.

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Apr 13, 2016
Maria's reply
by: Maria

Dear Valerie,

Flexibility is important in contemporary dance, but if you are not very flexible, that doesn’t mean that you can’t dance. Contemporary dance is a very heterogeneous art and you never know what will be the needs of the choreographies that you will perform. Also, you will gain and develop your flexibility with the practice.

You don’t need ballet skills as a mandatory issue, neither. Though, studying ballet may help you develop skills that you can use to do contemporary dance. I recommend you to read my replies at the following chats to know more about these topics:

How to be more flexible

Is it too late for me to succeed professionally in the dance world?

Can I start dancing at 16?

Warm regards

Jul 22, 2017
contemporary dance
by: Anonymous

I'm 15 years old, is it too late to start contemporary dance, I have a little ballet experience. My flexibility is ok, I can do splits.

Jul 24, 2017
Maria's reply
by: Maria

Hi there,

No, it’s not late. Please visit our page about FAQ (frequently asked questions) and read my explanation about the starting age there:

contemporary dance FAQ page

; )

Sep 29, 2017
Do I have to be flexible to do lyrical jazz and tap
by: Evie I'm 12

Hi I'm Evie I'm 12 years old

I have been dancing in my room ever since I could walk I've had a little bit of ballet and loads of hip hop I've never really had the courage to dance in front of people I don't even like dancing in front of my mum but this year I've decided to start dancing but I'm not that flexible do you have to be flexible to be a dancer? Do you have to be flexible to do certain turns? What dance studio do you recommend in the UK xx

Oct 08, 2017
i want to be a dancer
by: Anonymous

don't worry im not flexible either but i love to do dance but i want to dance like a dancer but i not flexible to be a dancer

Jan 17, 2018
Help me please
by: Anonymous

I want to dance. I got a scholarship to one of the top dance academies in England once. I am an eleven year old with no flexibility at all no skills and I am pretty chubby. Do I have any hope. I also have knee and ankle problems.

Jan 18, 2018
You can only know if you try
by: Maria

Hi there,

You may have options, but you can only know if you try. Start taking daily dance classes and watch the process for at least one or two years. Your teachers may help you know the answer.


Jun 28, 2018
Follow your dreams
by: Anonymous

I just have to say to all of you that it’s never to late. Maybe you can’t be the biggest professional dancer (and I know how much that hurts) but you can always dance.
If you love to dance, never stop doing it.
If you believe in yourself and work for it, maybe you can get some kind of job or an opportunity to dance or inspire other people at least even if your not the best dancer in the world.

I mean, I’m 15 years old and I’ve not danced for so long. I’ve never even tried balled (but I will bc it’s rly good to do if you want to dance) and my biggest dream is also to be a dancer (or a dance teacher actually).

There are so so few dance jobs and it’s so hard so maybe you can’t be a professional dancer, but you have to remember that there are smaller dancejobs that can be just as fun and meaningful!

But please, never stop doing what you love and never stop believing in yourself, then everything is possible! <3

Mar 08, 2019
Need answer A.S.A.P
by: Solange

I’m a fourteen year old girl n i have no experience in dancing at all but i really wanna dance because its my dreams. Im afraid to go join because i think im a little to late but people day im okay to start. Can i dance choreography dance without experience at this age?

Apr 09, 2019
please help
by: ashley

help please im 9 year old im not flexible my split is not ok im joining ballet class do you think i can do it?

May 13, 2019
For Ashley
by: Maria

Dear Ashley,

You are very young. Of course you can do it, but you can only be sure of this, if you try.

Work on your splits and general flexibility, but remember that dance is not only about big extensions and acrobatics. There are thousands of dancers in the world that don't have perfect splits.

; )

Aug 11, 2019
I'm Terrified for Dance
by: Anonymous

I just got on a competition team and I was so happy! But now I lay in bed wanting to cry! I'm the lease experiebced dancer there! The only dance that I've done was Ballet when I was 3! I can't do the splits and I'm not at all flexible. (Apart from my back). I'm scared everyone is going to judge me. Especially one girl who said to my friend that when I point my toes I look weird. I'm scared their all going to laugh at me and talk about me behind my back. I haven't started yet, so some tips to get over my anxiety and stuff would be super helpful. Thank you :/

Dec 26, 2019
I Want to do dancing
by: Anonymous

I often find myself dancing to music in my room. I have always wanted to do dance so I looked up different types of dance and I realized I wanted to do contemporary dancing. I'm not very flexible anymore. I used to be able to do the splits and backbends many years ago but I am now 13 and I no longer know how to do those things. I was scared that if I don't start taking dance now I would never learn to dance but I am scared people will judge me and I will be too old to sign up, or that I won't meet the requirements to join and I won't be able to. I need some advice on what to do..

Jul 29, 2020
My opinion on dance
by: Anonymous

Dear everyone,

I am someone who has been taking dance for a while, including competition dancing for the last 2 years. I don’t think you need to be REALLY flexible, but maybe a little bit flexible. What I mean is maybe touching your toes, half-way into the splits, and maybe doing a bridge, cartwheel and handstand.

Like I’ve said, I’ve been dancing pretty much my entire life and I’ve only learned one split last year (which I’m pretty sure I’ve lost the ability to do by now).

Just stretch every once in a while. You don’t have to do it everyday, but maybe once a week or once every two weeks. Depends on you. Don’t let anyone force you to be flexible, because it is your body and your choice. You want to dance, dance. You want to be flexible, it’s your choice. You feel pressured, ignore them.

An anonymous person who used to be flexible but is sure that they lost the ability to be flexible

Jan 11, 2021
Help pls:(
by: Anonymous

I want to do jazz and contemporary dance, but can't do the splits or really anything that includes flexibility. I can't even do a cartwheel. Can I do jazz and contemporary when I'm not flexible and can't do any form of gymnastics including a cartwheel? I'm 12 by the way and have never done dance.

Apr 27, 2021
by: Sydney

I am in a contemporary right now, and I feel that you will definitally need knowledge of ballet moves and skills, but I don't think you need to be too flexible to do it. I'm a good dancer, but I only have one split. Maybe get some books and read up on different moves and positions!

Jul 19, 2021
I really wanna dance
by: Aura

I often find myself dancing in my room. Ive been watching dance moms for a year and now im really obsessed. I wanna start dancing but im not flexible at all and i dont know anything about dance. Im 12 years old and im literally not flexible ive never done splits or a cartwheel but i really wanna learn to dance. I dont know how and where to start.

Jul 27, 2021
Reply for Aura, ¿where to start dancing?
by: Maria

Dear Aura,

Your questions are discussed in our FAQ page. Please follow the link to find your answers!

Nov 30, 2022
do i need to be a certain way
by: Anonymous

do i have to have a certain weight or be flexible in a certain way i really want to learn but i dont know if i would be accepted

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