Our Dance Advertising Program

The Dance Advertising Program of contemporary-dance.org offers you the possibility to make your business visible to our targeted audience. With a current average of 30.000 unique visitors monthly (updated in January 2018),contemporary-dance.org is a great deal on the web to advertise your services or products.

Our search engine rankings are great.

For example, we rank in the top #10 positions in Google for the following keywords:

(To confirm this yourself, type in any of the keywords below into a Google search box and you will find contemporary-dance.org between the top 1-10 positions in Google)

- Contemporary Dance Announcements

- Contemporary Dance History

- Contemporary Dance Blog

- Contemporary Dance Directory

- Contemporary Dance Schools USA

- Contemporary Dance Companies

- Contemporary Dance Techniques

And this is just to name a few…

We have many more keywords that rank in the top 1-10 positions of Google and many more are on their way to be published. This gives you an idea of the quality of this website. The search engines (especially Google!) and the dance community definitely know the value of contemporary-dance.org.

We have several levels of advertisement to propose you: Page-ad, Site-ad, Whole page-ad, E-zine-ad or Customized-ad.


A page ad appears only in the page of your choice. It can be placed above the fold, throughout the text or at the bottom of the page (you decide) and it includes a ‘no-follow’-'new tab' link to your website. You can also choose to post it whether in the middle content column (size up to 250x250 px) or in the right column (size up to 190x190 px). Sizes or formats can vary slightly according to that established area.

The cost of one Page Ad is $20/month, $50 for 3 months, $90 for six months, and $170 for 12 months.

The cost of a Page Ad on the home page (if available) is $50/month, $140 for 3 months, $260 for six months, and $500 for 12 months.


A site ad (up to 190x380 px) is placed in the right column, above the fold, throughout the text or at the bottom of the content of the column (you decide). It appears there over all the pages of the website, including the home page and it includes ‘no-follow’-'new tabs' links to your website as well.

The cost of a Site Ad is $80/month, $220 for 3 months, $420 for six months, and $800 for 12 months.

Whole page-ad

A Whole page-ad is an addition you can apply to any other ad you have at our website. Your ad will link to a special page hosted in contemporary-dance.org, in which you can post up to 800 words and 10 photos.

The cost of a Whole page-ad is $30/month, $80 for 3 months, $150 for six months, and $290 for 12 months.


An E-zine-ad (size up to 250x250 px) will be posted in our occasional e-zine, which is distributed via e-mail to our subscribers. After the mail out, the ad can continue to appear in the issue located at the e-zine archive, which is available from the right column of every page at the website. It is very similar to a Page-ad; the difference is that it is sent directly to the e-mail boxes of the audience.

The cost of one E-zine-ad depends on if you wish to just mail it out or if you wish to leave the ad posted on the page of the archived issue.

As our e-zine is sent ocassionally, this type of ad is only available when a new issue is in progress.

The cost of one mail out is $20.

The cost of one mail out plus leaving the displayed ad on the archived page is $25/month, $45 for 3 months, $75 for six months, and $135 for 12 months.


If you feel that none of our levels of advertising fits your business, justcontact me directly and explain me your needs. We will customize an advertisement agreement for your particular requirements and I will let you know the fees then.


1. The placement of ads is filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2. Prices are estimated according to an average of 25.000 unique visits/month to contemporary-dance.org currently (updated in June 2014). As the traffic to the website increases, so might the fees. Though, advertisement agreements will keep their fees for the time established at the moment of purchase. After expiry of the established time of agreement,contemporary-dance.org might change the fees.

3. All the links created for an advertisement agreement will have the ‘no-follow’ and 'new tab' attributes.

4. All advertising is subject to availability and review.

5. Payments shall be made no later than the 1st day of each month, for advertising during that respective month. This agreement is automatically renewed from month to month. Either party may terminate this agreement upon 1 week written notice (including by e-mail) before the following month.Contemporary-dance.org may terminate this agreement for failure to receive payment by the first of any month. At that time, contemporary-dance.org will serve notice of such failure, upon which event the advertiser shall have 5 working days to cure, failing which contemporary-dance.orgmay terminate.

6. Payment method: payments should be made via PayPal. Ads will be displayed at contemporary-dance.org immediately after the transaction of payment has been processed and confirmed.

7. Refund policy: there will only be refunds in the case that the amount sent is incorrect and exceeds the cost of the advertisement agreement (transaction fees will be deduced). Other type of refunds will not be considered.


CONTACT ME directly to order your advertisement agreement. Please, do not forget to provide an e-mail address where I can contact you back. I will give you instructions to send your advertising material that way. And feel free to use the contact form for any doubts or further explanation as well.

If you don’t receive a reply after the first time you contact me, your mail service might be filtering my e-mail by mistake. Check your junk folder first and also add the following e-mail address to your safe list to avoid this situation: maria[at]contemporary-dance.org. (I just replaced the sign @ for [at] to protect my address from spammers))


Editor and Webmaster

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