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Here you´ll find :

• A great blog full of updates, posts and shared content from dancers around the world.

• A lot of useful information about the different movement techniques used in our body-mind training (Flying low, Release, Feldenkrais, Contact Improvisation, Hatha Yoga, Ballet, Graham and more… !).

• Fantastic tools for creating choreography.

• Contemporary dance history (going back to modern dance, ballet and further…)

Theory (such as definitions, dance notation, articles or reviews).

• Dance teaching advices, ideas and tips.

• Contact data about dance companies, festivals, schools, scholarships, related websites… all in our dance directory (ordered by countries).

• Current announcements like auditions, performances, workshops, meetings and other news.

• A gallery of dance pictures, dance videos, dance poetry and dance jokes where you can broadcast and share.

• Important and specific information about health for dancers, like our diet or common injuries.

• A section for asking questions about dance that works like a world wide forum where our sister/brotherhood can meet and have constructive discussions about our common interests.

The Dance Thinker: A free e-zine to which you can subscribe (the form is located in the right column), to receive interesting articles and news.

• A great place to advertise your dance related products or services, like dance wear, dance floors, classes and so on.

• Unexpected things ; )… just navigate around and you'll see!

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My name is Maria Naranjo. Just like you, I’ve been after this knowledge… but for more than twenty years now! I’ve studied in different countries and contemporary dance schools (from small academies in my neighborhood to big universities like Paris VIII). Meanwhile, I’ve been a dancer, a choreographer, a teacher, a researcher…

My goal has always been to gather the tools, information and experience that would allow me to make a living out of dancing. Dance is my passion, dance is my life, dance is my enormous little secret (… bet you know what I mean!)

After all this years of research and work, I’ll be really glad to share my understanding and professional experience with you. Please, make yourself at home… you are at contemporary-dance.org!

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Contemporary Dance Blog
The Contemporary Dance Blog keeps you up to date with our announcements and all additions and changes to contemporary-dance.org. Subscribe here.
Dance Questions.
A place for asking contemporary dance questions. You can rate on answers, leave comments or even contribute with your answers to other questions too.
Contemporary Dance Announcements.
Contemporary dance announcements. Workshops, auditions, performances, meetings and important news. Publish your announcement here to!
Find the basics of dance history in the handy e-book of CONTEMPORARY DANCE HISTORY.
Dance History.
Dance history including contemporary dance, modern dance and ballet. Find chronological periods, aesthetical features, figures and a lot more…
Contemporary Dance History.
Contemporary dance history, including representative figures and aesthetical features of their choreographic production.
Modern Dance History.
Modern dance history, including representative figures and aesthetical features of their choreographic production.
Ballet History.
Ballet history including Court dances, Baroque dance, Ballet of Action, Romantic Ballet, Classical Ballet, Neoclassical Ballet and more…!
Contemporary Dance Directory.
Contemporary dance directory including contact information about contemporary dance schools, contemporary dance companies, contemporary dance choreographers, contemporary dance teachers and more…
Contemporary Dance Companies World Wide
Contemporary dance companies world wide. A directory that includes links to web pages, postal addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mails.
Contemporary Dance Schools.
Contemporary dance schools directory (or where to learn contemporary dance). Names, addresses, phone numbers, web sites and e-mails.
Contemporary Dance Festivals: the worldwide directory.
Find a list of contemporary dance festivals worldwide. Share or promote your dance festival.
Dance Scholarships: the worldwide directory.
Find a list of dance scholarships available worldwide. Share the dance fellowships you know as well.
Dance Websites.
Directory of dance websites. Includes blogs, journals, forums, institutional sites and other types of contemporary dance related websites.
Contemporary Dance Choreography
The art of choreography: dance composition tools and exercises, dramatic structures, music analysis, stage lightning, directing tips and more…!
Dance Composition. Tools and exercises.
Dance composition conceptual tools like BODY, SPACE and TIME categories. How to use them to create choreographies for one dancer or groups.
Movement Dramaturgy for Contemporary Dance Choreography.
Movement dramaturgy definition and examples of dramatic structures for dance.
The Dancer Diet.
The dancer diet. What to eat, how much and when. Learn the dancers’ tips for being healthy and strong.
Common Dance Injuries. Explanation and Treatment.
Ten common dance injuries: spasm, muscle or ligament tear (or strain), tendonitis, sprain, dislocation, fracture, overload (chronicle fatigue) syndromes, vascular syndromes. Explanation and treatment.
Dance Anatomy. Musculoskeletal system.
The basics of dance anatomy. Images and names of bones and muscles.
Contemporary Dance Techniques
The best-known Contemporary Dance Techniques. Release, Flying Low, Contact Improvisation, Body Mind Centering, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Hatha Yoga, Modern Techniques, Ballet and more…!
Dance Teaching.
Contemporary dance teaching advises and ideas. Includes a structure to organize the content of a class and links to related pages.
Dance Theory.
Some dance theory branches: aesthetics, choreology (movement analysis and dance notation), ethno choreology, cultural studies in dance, dance therapy…
Contemporary Dance Articles. Share Your Thoughts About Dance.
A collection of assorted contemporary dance articles of high quality. Essays, papers and writings to which you can contribute and make comments.
Contemporary Dance Reviews.
A place to post and share contemporary dance reviews.
Contemporary Dance Terms. Definitions.
List of dance terms with their correspondent definitions and related links.
Dance Jokes!
Dance jokes. Join in and have fun with us!
Dance Poetry.
Selected dance poetry at contemporary-dance.org.
Dance Pictures. Photo gallery at contemporary-dance.org
A gallery of contemporary dance pictures. Shows the images, short description of the subject and contact data of the photographers or visual artists.
Contemporary Dance Videos.
An open gallery of contemporary dance videos. Broadcast your work here for free.
About me: Maria del Pilar Naranjo Rico.
About me page at contemporary-dance.org. Maria del Pilar Naranjo Rico’s dancer CV.
Contact Me
Contact Me page at contemporary-dance.org
Site Search page at contemporary-dance.org
Site Search is the place for finding everything at contemporary-dance.org
Sitemap of contemporary-dance.org.
A complete sitemap of contemporary-dance.org. It allows you to easily view and find every page in the website.
Dance Advertising Program of contemporary-dance.org
Get to know the dance advertising program of contemporary-dance.org: the best deal on the web to offer dance services or products to your targeted audience.
You can pay it forward.
You can pay it forward and support the existence of contemporary-dance.org in this page.



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