What is the difference between the kinespheric space and the scenic space?

by Rohit

I want to know more about the two basic things...Body, Space … it’s not very clear from the content in the website....I will be thankful if you just tell me those things in a bit simple language. I am having problems in understanding the Space...both kinespheric and scenic space...

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Jul 03, 2012
Answer from Maria
by: Maria

Dear Rohit,

The kinespheric space and the scenic space are two different ways of imagining space.

The easiest to understand of both is the scenic space. It is just the architectural room in which you perform or practice a dance. It can be a regular stage of a theatre, a delimited area inside a hall, a park, or any defined area where the dance takes place.

The kinespheric space is the three dimensional volume one can reach or touch with any part of the body, regardless of one's position or movement within the scenic space. It is described as an imaginary sphere that projects outwards from the center of one's body. Thus it always travels and turns with the dancer around the scenic space.

Here's an example to understand the difference:

Imagine three dancers on a stage that has public on the front side only (a classical stage). One dancer is facing forward, one dancer is facing backwards and the third dancer is facing to the left side of the stage.

We will ask them to make three steps forward.

If they think the movement from the point of view of the kinespheric space, they will move like this:

-First dancer (facing forward): walks towards the audience.

-Second dancer (facing backwards): walks towards the back of the stage.

-Third dancer (facing the left side): walks towards the left side of the stage.

Now if they think the movement from the point of view of the Scenic Space, they will all move towards the audience, as the architectural room has only that one direction forward.

As you see, the scenic space and the kinespheric space are not objective realities, but imaginary frames to consider movement. You can think of movement in many directions, but those directions may change, depending on which point of view you use.

Body is just another concept that also helps as a frame to think about movement. It is used to describe or imagine movement, like for example move your hip, move from your bones or move your whole body together. It is just another concept that describes the moving body, in many different ways.

Here's the link to the page about the topic, in case you want to read it again. Maybe you understand it better after the explanation above:

Dance Composition

Warm regards,


Jul 03, 2012
by: rohit singh

thanx....it will help me a lot...

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