Looking for a Composer? Original Music for You!

by Rin Nagaya
(Boston, MA, USA)

Looking for an unique music for your dance piece?

We’re here to create original music for you!

About the Composer
123 is a Contemporary Composer/Electrinic Music Producer based in New York and Boston. She is a current official composer of Yu.S.Artistry in NYC. She also directed music for John Trunfio, Mayu Nakaya, and others in New York and Pennsylvania.

Originally from Japan, she grew up with traditional Japanese, African, and Latin music. When she got to the US, she started learning Soul, Pop, Classical, and Jazz music at Berklee College of Music, and she started her career as a composer/producer.
She've won the grand prize of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2023.

Past Works



How It Works
1. Once you send a message, we’ll reach you out soon
2. Have a Zoom meeting and talk about the details
3. About 1-2 weeks later, you’ll receive a first demo
4. If you have any feedbacks, we’ll make changes and send a new demo as many as you want
5. Once a demo is done, we’ll do mixing and mastering to finalize it.

60US$/min (ex) 3min music = $180

Interested or Questions?
Feel free to contact rinlyn0083@icloud.com

Social Media
YouTube: @123rinnagaya5
Instagram: @123_rin_nagaya

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