Improving in contemporary dance at 32

by Arti

Hello Maria,

Thanks to open this wonderful blog, it is so much inspiring!

Here comes my question:

I am 32 and I started with contemporary and lyrical dance 5 years ago; I haven't been regular on following the classes due to personal reasons, but I have been enjoying every second of them. It was and it still is my happy moment during the week, where I deeply connect to myself and I feel serene.
I have been exploring other styles too, from commercial to jazz, but contemporary became my very fav.

I currently feel the need to level up and take it seriously, and make it a life long experience / form of expression.

I do not mean to become a professional and make it my first income, but ideally I would love to have a satisfying middle/advanced level in 4 years and, why not, give some classes to share the passion/take part to some cool exibitions.

Do you think it is possible? And if yes, how many hours do I need to dedicate to it weekly?

Do I need to get into a professional academy or adult classes are just fine?

I am currently doing 3 hours of contemporary and 2 of creative impro per week, apart from 1 hour of commercial and 1 of dancehall.

Please take into account that I do not have a lot of sport experience.

Thanks for any advice,
sending love


First reply:
Dear Arti,
Yes, I think you can achieve your dream. Seven hours of practice a week is a good rythm. However, the regularity of the practice is important as well. What I mean with this is that it may be better for your body to split the seven hours in one hour a day, than doing, for example, four hours monday, three hours tuesday and the rest of the week without physical or creative activity. Consider this and try to spread your practice the better you can.

If you want to see a fast progress, the ideal is to have a minimum of two hours of practice a day and one or two resting days a week. Resting time is also very important. Don't skip it.

Adult classes are ok. Yet, I don't know what kind of classes you are taking. I recommend you to try with workshops or/and professional classes from time to time. This will allow you to know different teachers and methods. Time will give you the answers.

Warm regards,

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