How to be more flexible in a short amount of time?

by dani

hi! i am 15 and i have done 8 years of dance before, but took a 3 year break and want to get into contemporary! i know i can do it and i just need to work hard and stretch, but i’m scared people will make fun of me in classes for not knowing anything. i lost a lot of my flexibility and while i’m trying to get it back, i’m still really worried. is there anything i can do to get more flexible in a short amount of time?


Dear Dani:

Your option is to stretch daily, before class and after class. You can even do it twice a day (say morning and evening) and you should also stretch if you don't have class, but always treating your body carefully. There's no point in forcing or trying to speed this process, because if you overdo the physical workout, you may get the opposite effect or may get hurt.

So, be kind to your body, but stretch periodically. And be patient. Nature has laws and we are part of nature.

; )

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