How did politics effect the development of modern dance?

by Tejas

This is for a school project about dance and I need to see how modern dance was affected through politics and how it has changed politics.

I would prefer any bits of information about how politicians and politics changed and helped modern dance develop as an art form.

Hey there!

To give an aswer to your questions, you need first to define the 'modern dance' you are referring to. What period of time does it belong to and in which geographic location? The narrower the better.

After defining that, you need to do a wide research of both the politics of that context and the artistic facts that ocurred.
Only then, you may have an interpretation that will serve as a reply.

This may not answer to what you asked, but it may help you to go for the answer. However, it's a wide topic. It could be your topic for a PHD...

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