Help, dancing?

by Branda


I'm a 14 year old girl who would like to start dancing couple dances. But I'm afraid to tell anyone. And I don't know if i should. I'm not very agile, okey the truth is I'm not agile at all. I can take my leg to about 90 degrees, but not any higher. I'm embarressed about wanting to dance couple dances. Everyone would tease me about it.

¡ Please help me !


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Dec 07, 2010
Answer from Maria
by: Maria Naranjo

Hi Branda,
First of all, believe me, there's no reason why you should feel embarrassed because you want to dance. There are millions of passionate dancers in the world (including me) that will welcome you to join our happiness because we DANCE.
I understand that you might not have many friends who know how great dancing is, but once you start practicing, you'll meet new people that love it and that will be happy to share the fun with you.
Don't worry about couple dances. They are a way to play and have fun with friends and of course you should try that! I don't know why you doubt about doing this. If that is because you find yourself in a family with a strict moral behavior, you just have to explain them (your parents or closer relatives) that dancing is just about moving, rhythms, music and playing in space and time with your body. There's really no reason to associate it with any moral prejudice.
And don't worry about your leg going up high or not. I suppose you must have seen fantastic acrobatic dancers on T.V., but that's not only what dance is about. If you want to be as acrobatic as they are, then you should just start right away and practice EVERY DAY (those dancers on T.V. started one day as well!). But even if you don't do those acrobatics some day, you might create beautiful and amazing choreographies. But more than that, I assure you, you'll have so much fun, and you'll feel so nice, that the rest will be less important.
So, remember, acrobatics are NOT a condition for dance to exist.
Follow your will to dance and don't be afraid. You'll see how nice and entertaining it is.
Let us know how you go on and feel free to reply with more questions if you have them. We'll be glad to help you find your way into dance.

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