Easy dance for Halo/walking on Sunshine

by Anonymous
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Me and two friends are doing a talent show in march of 2012. We are singing halo/walking on sunshine from glee and we need an easy dance so we can sing and dance.

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Jan 22, 2012
Answer from Maria
by: Maria

Hi there!

I would recommend you to compose the dance your selves, using two strategies:

1. Relying on the musical structure.

2. Composing choreography out of walks and movements of the arms only.

Start by defining walks, according to the musical phrases. For example, walking sideways 8 counts, forward 8 counts, backwards 8 counts or so. All directions are valid and you can combine them freely and make them last according to the music.

There's also the possibility of walking in circles or changing the disposition of the three of you: aligned, in a triangle, changing positions while walking, etc.

Once you have defined the walks of your whole song, you can start adding movements of the arms. Again, all types of movements are valid. Listen to the music and observe what you feel like doing. Arms to the sides, upwards, both together, just one only, flexed, extended, waving hands or whatever. The possibilities are really endless and if you create the moves your selves, there are many more possibilities that you will feel comfortable while dancing.

To have ideas about directions in space, you can read our page for dance composition. Scroll down looking for the directions in space defined by Rudolph Laban and then apply those to the arms. See what it produces... Here’s the link to that page:

Dance Composition

If, after composing your dance, you fell that you can push it further and still can sing well, then you can start adding turns here and there, small jumps, changes of level and small details like those.

Create your choreography together and you'll have some fun.

If you feel like you're lacking of ideas, look for some videos of musicals and take some dance moves from there. That can always be a solution too.

I wish you the best for your show.

Warm regards,


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