Do you need to take ballet to do contemporary?

by Anonymous
(from NY)

Hi, I’m 12 years old and am thinking of taking contemporary dance next year. I was wondering…

A. Do you need to take ballet to do contemporary?
B. Can you begin contemporary that late?

Please respond!
Thank you!

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Mar 22, 2011
Answer from Maria
by: Maria

Hi dear,

Your question has already been posted by another one of our colleagues. So, I would like to invite you to read the answer in another page, seem that the e-mail you sent me doesn't work.

Though, before you go and see the complete answer, here's a quick reply for you:
A. No
B. Yes!

Here's the link for the full answer: Can I start dancing contemporary at 16?

Come back to visit us and follow the updates! And... next time, be sure of typing your e-mail address right, so that I can communicate directly with you if needed.



Jul 12, 2017
Starting Contemporary
by: Anonymous

Hi I am 12 years old and I want to start contemporary. Is it ok if I start it even if I have never ever started ballet? And is it okay if I start at 12 years old and isnt it too late? Thank you!

Jul 12, 2017
Yes, you can take contemporary dance classes without taking ballet
by: Maria

Hi there!

Yes, you can start taking contemporary dance classes if you have never done ballet. Just know that there are different styles of contemporary dance and your teacher may use tools from ballet or not. So, the answer is yes, in general, but you may need to reinforce your dancing skills with ballet lessons for some styles of contemporary dance.

To have a reply for your question about the age, please visit our page for FAQs (frequently asked questions about contemporary dance). You will find a long explanation there:

FAQs page

; )

Jan 05, 2021
by: sofia

hello, my name is sofia and i'm 13 years old. I've been doing a sport called rhythmic gymnastics (not the bars and beam one) for a very long time and I am tired of it and I don't like it very much. i am thinking of leaving to dance but I'm not sure because I don't have much experience in the dance world. I have a lot of experience for ballet because we do it in rhythmic gymnastics, and we also do routines every day so I guess that counts as dancing.I am also pretty flexible and I'm good at emotions. Do you think joining right now could possibly get me into a team? The team I am interested in is Teen Elite, do you think I would be fit for te team, or do you tink I can make it in? Thank you.

Jan 06, 2021
For Sofia
by: Maria

Dear Sofia,

Yes, i think you can make part of a dancing company or group, because of your previous experience. You will just need to learn about the new artistic field, but regarding movement and choreography you shouldn't have any difficulties.

; )

Feb 09, 2023
by: Ellie

My little sister is 13 years old and wants to start contemporary dancing. She is currently learning on her own. Will she have to take Ballet 1, 2, etc. if she wants to be on a team. If she doesn't can she perform?

Feb 13, 2023
Taking ballet is optional for contemporary dancers
by: Maria

Hi there! The answer to your question depends on the dancing group your sister wants to perform with. Contemporary dance has different styles. Some make use of ballet, some don’t. So, taking ballet is optional for a contemporary dancer, but one must know that the choice made will determine the aesthetical projects in which one can engage. To learn more about different trends in contemporary dance, visit our pages about contemporary dance history and modern dance history. You’ll find the buttons to them in the left column of this page (or below, if you’re reading from a mobile device)
Warm regards,

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