Dance schools without audition

by Soraya


I'm 23 and I have just graduated from management university. But I feel I have endless passion for dancing.

I am Iranian and dancing is forbidden in my country (especially for women) so I am not a professional dancer.

I have noticed that almost all of the dance schools need auditioning even for beginners and even for choreography! I don't have the faintest idea about that and I don't know how I should perform and also it is very difficult and costly for me to get a visa for auditions.

Do you know schools that don't need performance in their selection process?!
If not what should I do in auditions??

And what are your suggestions for someone in my situation in general?

I really would like to become a dancer with all of my heart.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Sep 12, 2011
Answer from Maria
by: Maria

Dear Sori,

If you want to become a professional dancer, you should talk about it with someone you trust. Ideally someone from your family, if that is possible. This is because if dancing is forbidden in your country, you might have to leave your home to achieve your dream, and that is not something easy to do.

In the western world, private academies or dance companies that teach dance for a fee do not demand an audition. You just go, see what the best level for you is with a teacher and then pay to be in the classes (weekly, monthly or for each class).

That is the case of dance schools or companies that do not have structured studying programs, inside the frame of institutions that give professional certifications and things like that.

But, if you wish to enter a professional studying program for dance, you will have to make the audition. In that case, it would be good for you to prepare taking classes with the independent academies or companies I mentioned above. Still, an audition is usually like a class, in which you are guided by a teacher to do things. You do not need to know what to do. They will tell you.

In auditions, dancers are usually asked to dance something of their own. It might be just to improvise or to show a short choreography that you have studied previously. So you might need to be prepared for that. If you don't know how to do that, one way could be to ask for help to a teacher of a private school or company.

But, auditions are all different so you need to ask first how the audition will be, before starting to do any work.

And, do you already know where in the world you would like to go to learn dance?

I suggest you browse over our directory of contemporary dance schools and contemporary dance companies. Once you have found the country and schools of your choice, you should contact them directly and ask. You will see that there are many of them where you can start taking classes right away if you can afford them.

I hope you find your path to dance.

Warm regards,


Sep 17, 2011
Schools in Istanbul?
by: Sori

This is me again!
Regarding to my previous question and your kind respond, I have to say:
Well, it might be possible for me to move to Istanbul (Turkey) but unfortunately I couldn't find much dancing schools in Istanbul on the internet!!!
Do you have a list of independent academies or companies or even professional studying programs in Istanbul?


Sep 17, 2011
Answer 2, from Maria
by: Maria

Dear Sori,

I just added a dance school in Istanbul to our contemporary dance schools directory. (If you don't find it when revisiting the page, you might need to refresh your browser... this is a technical affairs...).

Visit their website and contact them to see what the possibilities are. They might also help you letting you know about other schools.

There is also another list of options in the following page:

List of Turkish dance companies and schools

You need to scroll down that page, because the list is far above the fold.

Good luck with your search!



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