Age issue

by Kristen
(Madison, WI, USA )

I'm 16 and was wondering if it's too late to begin ballet and modern/contemporary dance? I took about a year of ballet, but that was almost 10 years ago. I also have about 2 years of gymnastics under my belt. Anyways, are there things I can do to get my body in better shape and ready to dance? Or is trying just a waste of time?

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Jul 28, 2011
Answer from Maria
by: Maria

Dear Kristen,

Trying to dance will never be a waste of time. First of all, you are still very young, and second, if you like dancing, practicing will fulfill your life with happiness and vitality, no matter what you achieve or not.

If you are wishing to be a virtuous and highly acrobatic ballet dancer, it might be a little bit late but, depending on your physical conditions that might not apply. For the rest of the possibilities of dance, there's not a specific time to start. It is always a good time to try.

What you can do to get your body in better shape for dancing is to start taking classes, or dancing frequently by your self.

We have a question that is similar to yours in this page, so I'll leave you with the link to go there and read the answer too. There are other recommendations for you there:

Can I start dancing contemporary at 16?

Happy dancing and best wishes for you!


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