Addiction - choreographed by Mia Michaels. Performed by Kayla and Kupono off So You Think You Can Dance.

by Hannah

Kayla Radomski and Kupono Aweau performed a marvellous routine. Another beautiful dance choreographed from Mia Michaels in front of a live audience for the finale of the So You Think You Can Dance America, at the Kodak theatre in 2009.

This routine is about addiction and wanting something that’s not good for you. This powerful dance should affect every person that has had the tragedy of suffering from an addiction or has watched someone struggle with one. Kupono in this dance is the addiction and Kayla is trying to get rid of him by pushing him away but he doesn’t understand and just keeps coming back for more.

The movement in this routine is really sharp and powerful they hit the moves really strong so they are clear to see, and then some moves are really slow and flowing. The emotion and the expressions on there face really helps with getting the message across to the audience and you know what they are feeling.

The lighting in the performance is really dark, except for the spotlight on them. It really makes the dance more dramatic. Her costume is a red dress which is tawn the whole way down as if it has been ripped open, it reflects the struggle she faces removing herself from him and trying to break free from him. Both there costumes stand out to the audience especially hers.

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