Basic things that we should take care of to improve our synchronization with beats

by Rohit Singh

What are the basic things that we should take care of and should try, to improve our coordination and synchronization with beats...?

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May 24, 2012
Answer from Maria
by: Maria

Dear Rohit,

I'd say there are two main factors that can improve your synchronization with beats:

- Good listening.

- Execute the right length of each movement.

Listening to the music is a skill that can be cultivated by constantly emphasizing in paying attention to the music while dancing. It is very helpful though, that the dancer learns the basics of the universal rhythmical language, including the understanding of the beat, measure, phrase and general structure of a musical/choreographic piece.

Executing the right length of moves arises with practice and is better achieved if the dancer has memorized the music (or at least the rhythmical structures that make it up, in the case of improvised dances). This allows her/him to anticipate the length of the upcoming moves and thereby facilitates a precise execution.

I remember that you know our page about music. For other visitors that read our chat, here's the link to a page where one can learn about universal rhythmical language:

Contemporary dance music

All the best!


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