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Dance Pictures: CUARTA COMPUERTA (2011), Choreography: Pilar Naranjo
"CUARTA COMPUERTA" (2011) Choreography ©: María del Pilar Naranjo Photography: Diego Gonzalez
Dance Pictures: Tracey by Kimene Slattery-Ching

"Tracey" © Photography: Kimene Slattery-Ching
Dance Pictures: Nejla Yatkin's Wall Stories
"Wallstories" by Nejla Y. Yatkin © Photo by Yi-Chun Wu
Dance Pictures: Alejo Arango 2
Dancer: Andrea Fernández. ©Alejo Arango Contact Alejo Arango
Dance pictures: dancers in front of the public Rehearsal. Photographer ©: Felipe López. Contact: pipe_afml[at]
Dance Pictures: Elazar Harel 450
© Elazar Harel Contact Elazar
Dance pictures: Maria C Mejia dancing "Intercambio de Piel" (2010) Choreography: Maria Claudia Mejia. Photos © Jordi Bover Contact Jordi Bover
Dance pictures: Lina Villegas dancing Lina Villegas Photographer ©: Felipe López Contact: pipe_afml[at]
Dance pictures: Carlos Latorre
© Carlos Latorre DANZA OM TRI Photographer: Oscar Prieto
Dance pictures: contemporary dance jam Dance Jam (2010) By: Muevelopayá. Photographer ©: Felipe López Contact: pipe_afml[at]
Dance Pictures: Dario Vaccaro in Wall Stories
Dario Vaccaro in "Wall Stories" by Nejla Yatkin. © 2009 Yi-Chun Wu
Dance pictures: Estefanía Álvarez
© Estefanía Álvarez
Dance Pictures: “Delivered from Darkness” by Tereka Desire "Delivered From Darkness" (2012)
Dance week Festival in Uganda
Choreography: Tereka Desire
Performed by The Yutta Konvictz © Photography: Astrid-Dill
Dance pictures: Irene/Calle 76
"IRENE/CALLE 76" © Direction: Ana Elisa Echeverri Choreography: Lina Villegas Dancers: Lina Villegas, Duván Chavarría Photo: Fabio Arboleda
Dance Pictures:
"ENSAYOS MARTINI BLUES" © DIRECCION: Tino Fernandez DRAMATURGIA: Juliana Reyes PRODUCCION: Casa Ensamble y Natalia Bedoya FOTOGRAFIA: Zoad Humar
Dance Pictures: CUARTA COMPUERTA (2011), Choreography: Pilar Naranjo
"CUARTA COMPUERTA" (2011) Choreography ©: María del Pilar Naranjo Photography: Diego Gonzalez

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