U.K. Starbrite Studios Exam Success (December 2017)

by Starbrite Studios
(East Yorkshire)

Exam Success

Exam Success

The exam results are in and WOW WOW WOW! Team Starbrite we have done it again! 100% Pass rate with results ranging from 81-95% with an IDTA theatre nomination.

This is an incredible achievement and one we should all be extremely proud of. The Pass rate for an IDTA exam is 65% so team Starbrite you have excelled yourselves.

The IDTA exam system is such a wonderful accreditation for the students to get involved with. The exam events themselves are fun, friendly and where lots of memories are made but also the exam process gives each student a goal to work towards and allows them to achieve it boosting self esteem. It also means that a performing arts studio who can offer these type of exams is fully qualified and being monitored by that organisation to keep delivering top quality work.

At Starbrite Studios getting involved within the exam process is optional but it means that parents can rest assured that they are bringing their students to a place where people care, deliver high quality lessons matched with an equal amount of vibrancy and fun.

Starbrite Studios offering the opportunity for students to get involved with exams means we are confirming quality in dance, drama and musical theatre.

The word exam doesn’t mean dull and at Starbrite Studios we don’t understand the meaning of the word.

I cannot wait to hand out the results this week in class. Certificates and banners will be here in the New Year so keep looking out for details on our New Year Party.

Congratulations everyone,
Love Miss Emma and the Starbrite Crew xx

Find out more about Starbrite Studios: https://www.starbritestudios.co.uk

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