GERMANY: PReS - Postgraduate Residence Studio / Performance Research Studies (deadlines in May)

by Deborah Smith-Wicke
(Kassel, Germany)

Postgraduate Residence Studios and Performance Research Studies (PReS) is an artistic research program that aims at the support of new talents, develops participants’ personal choreographic or dance signature and incubates practice-based research in an international artistic and educational context.
PReS offers a one-year artistic research based on the principles of self-organization, collaboration and rigorous practice as research methodologies. Participants develop an independent artistic research project. In this program, individual work and collective research are linked. The participants follow a daily training class and have their own daily research residency. They receive regular mentoring and dramaturgical support. Each month, participants follow an intensive week of workshops, seminars and master classes.

Where: Kassel, Germany
Deadline for applications (1st stage): 10th May 2019
Online Audition Tasks dates (2nd stage): 17-18-19 May 2019 (shortlisted applicants only)
Interview date (2nd stage): 23-24 May 2019 (shortlisted applicants only)

Research context
maximum 5-8 artist-researchers;
self-realisation; the invited artists and the activities are developed in dialogue with the director of the PRES, according to the needs of the group;
the focus is on artistic output, through collective creations and individual work;
development of a personal artistic signature, in a permanent critical dialogue with the fellow students/ artist-researchers;
culminates in the creation of a diverse and strong portfolio of research-based performance works.

Who is it for?
PReS is specifically tailored and designed for performance practitioners, or professionals with a desire to acquire professional experience, space and time to develop their own work in the field of dance, choreography, live art, performance practice, somatic or body practices.
PReS attracts candidates who aim to build up an artistic portfolio of a professional calibre and therefore offers a vocational, rigorous, intensive residence, which facilitates the demands for learning and development for people working in the field.
As a result, PReS caters for those wishing to work as artist-researchers and wishing to advance further and more rigorously their career in Performance Art, Live Art, Conceptual Choreography, Experimental Dance, Visual Art and Somatic and Body Practices.

PReS takes place at the Halle 2 / SOZO Visions in
Motion studios in the heart of Kassel, Germany. The venue includes 3 large sprung floor dance studios (250 m², 170m² & 140m²), a studio theatre, a full workstation for the building of sets and props, changing rooms, and big a lounge area. Kassel is the city of Documenta, the world’s biggest contemporary art exhibition. Alongside Documenta, there are several exciting museums and art galleries and a developing freelance dance and performance art scene.

PReS lasts 12 months and starts on the 16th of September 2019 (from 02nd Sept it is possible to take classes and acquaint oneself with SOZO and Kassel. Participants will devise a plan of work together with the Artistic Director and should include among others an extensive research phase, showcases, dissemination and touring phases.

Participation Fees
The fees for the year 2019-20 are set to 4.350€. The program is able to agree in most cases that fees can be paid in direct debit instalments (maximum 10).
The fees cover the following:
1-2 daily classes + possibility for participation in 4 master workshops from the training cycle (per year);
8 intensive weeks of teaching/ seminars/ research-related activities/ touring (spread throughout the year);
daily research studio;
mid-program and end of year performances (possible touring).

Entry Requirements
Entry for this course is competitive and there is limited availability of spaces.
All applicants must have graduated with a degree in Dance, Choreography, Performance, Arts, Fine Arts, performance design, Visual Arts, Drama, Theatre studies, Somatic Practices or similar.
In exceptional circumstances, candidates with professional experience may be considered if they have evidence of ability to complete a demanding postgraduate level programme.
Applicants should have previous practical or theoretical experience relevant to Live Art, Performance Art, Experimental Dance or Theatre, which demonstrates that they have the personal and intellectual resources, including writing skills, to pursue a challenging and demanding postgraduate residence course. Postgraduate research experience will be an advantage. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines are expected.
All applicants are expected to speak and write fluently in English.

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