by DanceHaus Susanna Beltrami

This is our fifth edition of the YOGA_ TAI CHI & MOVEMENT RETREAT "Soul'n Body Journey."
It will take place on the island of Amorgos (Cicladi_Grecia) from April 25th to May 2nd 2019 in a luxurious and cosy location: the 5 Star Aegialis Hotel&SPA.

It would be impossible not to be enthralled by the history and traditions of this land of rare beauty, the unforgettable experiences in places of worship, the intoxicating perfume of flowers and the first plunges in the crystalline sea water!
It is a journey to explore and discover practices who's origins are deeply rooted in ancient traditions from which you will emerge with eyes opened to new perspectives.

Here are the practices we will be exploring:

• SOMATIC YOGA with Vittoria Frua De Angeli

A form of body-based mindfulness where movement itself is the tool through which we can get to know ourselves, through which we explore the sensations and mobility our body/mind. This method has its roots in yoga and is informed by other holistic disciplines, the latest research in neuroscience and anatomy and prizes the body's intelligence. This practice also trains the nervous system and the emotions giving us a flexible, strong and relaxed body/mind so that we can be better equipped to face the stresses of life.

• TAI CHI with Adriano Colombo

Tai Chi is the dynamic integration of the opposite elements of yin and yang. Slow gestures, soft movements and harmonic execution are used to increase speed and
strength. Specific sequences of movements executed while doing visualizations, deeply activate every part of the body and develop a physical dynamism and synchrony which produces the vital energy that forms the base of the wellbeing at every age.

• PHYSICAL EXPRESSION and TREKKING with Susanna Beltrami

Physical expression is something which is accessable to everyone, even the absolute beginner. It is the exploration of body dynamics, and its capacity for creative expression.
Amorgos is an island of walkers and Susanna will guide us along the island's paths, to discover amazing landscapes and hidden treasures.

• ENERGETIC TRAINING with Anna Bortoloso

A laboratory of "sensitive movement", which invites us to connect deeply to ourselves and others, by listening to subtle movements, to sharpen and increase our perception and energy.

• TREATMENTS (individual and optional) with Vangelis Vassalos

With around 600 kinds of plants and flowers, the island is host to a precious biodiversity and Vangelis reaps the benefits of these plants to make healing herbs, distillates and other creams used to encourage wellness since the ancient times. You can find these products in his laboratory in the nearby town of Lagada.
You can also book an energetic rebalancing or acupuncture treatment with him.

There is a DISCOUNTED EARLY BIRD RATE available for anyone who books and pays in full by Thursday 20th December 2018.

You can request the detailed program and the sign-up sheet by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling the following number: 02 36515997.

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