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DanceHaus & Bird’s Dance Project

Matteo Levaggi & Guests at DanceHaus

Bird’s Dance Project is a multi-year project devoted to young dancers and contemporary dance promotion in its second edition and in collaboration with DanceHaus Milano.

Starting from the difficulty of the young dancers to find and build their career, Bird’s Dance Project offers the possibility of working next to the young and famous choreographer Matteo Levaggi.

Many guest artists and choreographers will be invited for the project or on the other side, they are already artists in residence in DanceHaus, such as Matteo Bittante, Selene Manzoni and Nico Monaco.
The BDP is divided in two parts – the first part is the Master , the base level of the Project . Its final purpose is the creation and production of many performances and increasing the value of the creativity and the energy of the dancers which will be able for performing in the dance scene. The young dancers will get change every year and will get performers of the choreographic repertory.

Two productions are provided for the next year 2016 : one Matteo Levaggi’s production (debut provided for June 2016) and one Susanna Beltrami’s production (debut provided for October 2016 in MilanOltre Festival ).
The two main objectives of the Bird’s Dance Project are MASTER and PRODUCTION which Matteo Levaggi and Alkema Ambassadors of Culture want to introduce in partnership with DanceHaus directed /supervised by Susanna Beltrami choreographer, where the project will occur.
The dance itinerary training is devoted to dancers from 18 to 25 age. They have had already attended professional and academic courses and they should have got a grounded preparation about classic and contemporary dance technique. The admission is possible by the way of audition in date….
If the candidates can’t be in person at the audition, they will send their CV, picture (dance and portrait) and a link video (2 minuts of classic and contemporary choreography exhibition )to the following mail address:
Master: October 2015-March 2016
Every day from Monday to Friday from 9 o’clock a.m. to 3 o’ clock p.m.
Classic Dance – Contemporary Dance – Choreographic Lab with Matteo Levaggi – Workshop with guests choreographers – Dates with interesting personalities of dance, music and contemporary art scene with the aim of increase the point of views about the dance world and scene today.
After the creations – parts of the repertory – of the 2015 Wings For Fliyng and In The Wind, realized in coproduction between Theatre of Chiasso and Alkema Ambassador of Culture, new Matteo Levaggi and Susanna Beltrami productions will be realized for this Project. Two repertory works of Levaggi will be readapt : Caravaggio with the Giovanni Sollima original music and Gee Andy! devoted to the Andy Wharol POP world and original music of Andy, Bluvertigo band member.


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