GREECE: DanceAbility Teachers Training for people with & without disability (from 6th August to 1st September)


Presented by Alito Alessi, founder of DanceAbility,

Center of Rehabilitation ,Social support & Recreational activities SOTIR,


WHAT: how to lead mixed-abilities dance, movement, and theatre groups

WHO: Alito Alessi (Founder of the DanceAbility method)

WHEN: 6 August 2017 (orientation meeting) – 2 September 2017 (day of departure): 4 weeks, Monday -Friday, 6 hours/day, 10:00 – 17:30

WHERE: Center of Rehabilitation ,Social support & Recreational activities SOTIR, Thessaloniki,GREECE

In this four-week, full-time training, participants learn how to teach and lead dance, movement, and theater groups integrating all abilities and disabilities. Teachers learn to create a foundation of equality and respect among students, and to build connections and community between people through dance.

Duration: 4 weeks

Hours: 125 hours

More than 500 people with and without disabilities have attended intensive DanceAbility Teacher Certification courses in various countries since 1996. Those trained in DanceAbility have continued to develop and expand inclusive dance communities around the world.

DanceAbility Teacher Certification is for people who want to teach integrated groups in movement arts, or learn a model for facilitating communities that foster inclusive participation. The course covers well-defined methods and techniques for teaching, but there is not a stagnant set of rules. It is an approach to designing creative movement practices that allow anybody and everybody’s movement to emerge, thereby facilitating individual and group expression.

Participants in the DanceAbility Teacher Certification course will build on their own experiences to develop appropriate materials for the continued development of the work in their own communities.


Foundation exercises introducing basic concepts of movement improvisation to people of all abilities based on things that can be done by ALL participants

How to guide people to be aware of their potential for movement and communication

Integrating Contact Improvisation-inspired physicality with mixed abilities

Movement explorations and games for individuals, partners, and small and large groups

How to work with all kinds of groups, including those with severe disabilities, children, people with visual impairments or hearing impairments, etc.

Learning how to plan and teach classes for all levels, and all abilities
Learning to lead performance-making projects, including outdoor public space and street performances

Practice teaching sessions open to the public, and a final street performance

Manual provided with over 150 exercises (available in English, Spanish, or Portuguese), and a Certificate of Completion

Teaching language is English

DanceAbility Teacher Certification Schedule and Curriculum

The 2017 DanceAbility Teacher Certification will begin on Sunday, 06 August 2017 with an orientation meeting in the afternoon. Class will then be held Monday through Friday from 10:00 - 17:30 with an hour and a half lunch break, with the final day being Friday, 01 September 2017. Occasional evening, lunch, or weekend meetings will be set together near the beginning of the course. A manual detailing the methods and over 150 exercises will be provided (in English, and Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese, as requested).

WEEK ONE - Introduction

Students learn how to identify the physical possibilities and "common denominators" of each new group they will work with to ensure no one is isolated. They learn how to lead the core set of DanceAbility exercises, which can be done no matter how diverse the group. These core exercises introduce the students to basic considerations for communicating, relating, and shaping dances through improvised movement.

WEEK TWO - Integrating Contact Improvisation and Physicality

Physical skills are explored such as rolling, using momentum, providing structures to take weight, learning how to lean and give weight, counterbalancing, relaxing, and physical body work care. Students explore how to work with, and in, wheelchairs. Students continue deepening their understanding of non-isolation and movement communication through structured improvisations and discussion.

WEEK THREE - Class-Planning, Teaching, and "Variations on the Theme"

Student-teachers learn how to adapt their lesson plans and teaching styles depending on participants and specific characteristics. They learn exercises most appropriate for people with visual impairments (blind, etc.), hearing impairments (deaf, etc.), mental disabilities, and all combinations. Student-teachers learn how to choose appropriate material for different kinds of classes, and what length of workshops is appropriate depending on goals and participants. The general public is invited to two days of classes, which student-teachers design and team-teach. Course leader Alito Alessi gives feedback on students’ class plans before they teach. Afterward, they receive feedback from their fellow students and Alito.

WEEK FOUR - Artistic Collaboration and Integrating the Material

Student-teachers learn how to teach, evaluate and give feedback on choreography and on shaping performance pieces. Student-teachers also learn how to empower their students by facilitating small groups to collaboratively create their own performance pieces. DanceAbility for children is taught, and general professional development.

A site-specific Street Performance Parade or Performance-Demonstration event will be prepared to show the general public on Friday, 01 September 2017 in the afternoon/evening. Departure day is on Saturday, 02 September 2017


Total Project Fee: EUR 1.500 Special offer for students and unemployed 1300€
Participants: max. 34
The reservation will be considered only upon receipt of the deposit of EUR 500,-

Applications should include:
curriculum vitae
registration form

Payment :
Payment of the deposit has to be arranged through international bank transfer. Please note that expenses are to be paid by the remitter!
Participants are asked to arrange a Euro transfer to the account stated below:
Bank info is send via mail upon request.

Contact Links:

For further questions please refer to:
Contact: Center of Rehabilitation ,Social support & Recreational activities SOTIR,

Thessaloniki, GREECE

Tel: +3031820655

Registration docs sent to:
Center of Rehabilitation ,Social support & Recreational activities SOTIR, Thessaloniki,GREECE
Keyword: DanceAbility Teacher Certification 2017
Kariotaki 3,
Tel: 003031820655

See for more general information and photos on DanceAbility International and Alito Alesi

See www. contains a lot of this same information in this document.

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